Indeed, electrical and electronic engineering requires a lot of training and intellectual background. It is very important for an electrician to get updated with the recent mechanism and technologies. To make the electrician become a pro, the market is flourished with so many software, tools, applications, and many more. But, it’s not necessary that every tool is worth your needs.

Every electrician requires tools that will make their job successful. To accomplish their job successfully they require literal toolbox and virtual toolbox. They should be expert in doing all those tasks without getting hurt. The software and apps they are using should be easy to access, user-friendly, convenient and can perform multiple tasks at a given point of time.

As we discussed above, there are uncountable electrical engineering tools that can help you in many ways but it is also true that you cannot use each of them. Therefore, we have filtered top tools that will help you in the best manner while saving your precious time.


This is series that is vernacularly known for electrical wirings, control panel systems, and fluid engineering. It helps in designing and assembling the wires, cables, control systems, and panel layouts. If you are looking for a fluid design that will help in making hydraulic and pneumatic systems, then this tool is best for you for easy residential electrician in Stuart. Meanwhile, it provides real-time design rule checks options.

Electronic Bundle

This app is of the very famous app designer company WAGmob. This app is on the sensation due to its mobile-friendly interface. When you will install the app, you will get the snack-sized chapters that will help you to access the information easily and fastly. If you have any ideas stored in your memory, then you can easily save all this in the app with its amazing feature of Bite-sized flashcards. You don’t have to be a pro to use it as it can be used by the students and adults as well.

Electrical Tools and References

Ask yourself what you will find in an application? Obviously user-friendly features and updated features. This app is designed under ProCerts and includes Max Zs features, Watts Amps volts calculator, kva calculator, and several electrical reference charts. To make it work more smoothly, the designers have developed reliable Android SDKs and the app is easily available in the play store.

LT Spice IV

The tool is designed under Linear technology to make the task of electrical engineer easy and steady. It has been described as high-performance SPICE simulator that makes the simulating regulators very fast. The electrician can explore waveforms in just a few flicks of fingers. The app is available for the Windows and Mac OS X 10.7+.


If you are looking for a simple yet powerful collection of electronic tools and references, then here is the right tool for you to avail today. It includes SD card pinout, raspberry Pi GPIO pinout, fuses, and automotive fuses color codes that will help in safer residential electrical services in Stuart.

Conclusion: As technology is touching the sky of success in every field, the same applies to the electrical field. As this field carries lots of risks, therefore there has been uncountable tools and software that will not only guard your life but will also make the task easier.

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