If you are travelling, especially by plane, you should think about buying some Luggage Scales… why? Because perhaps now more than ever they are fast becoming an essential item in order to avoid a surprise when you get to the airport! Use them before you leave your house when doing your packing and you have the security of knowing you won’t get that shock at the airport! And these Luggage Scales have to be one of the most cost effective travel accessories available! Not only do they weigh your luggage with a maximum capacity up to 32 kg ( 75 lb ) but this luggage scale comes with a built in 1 metre tape measure and a memory function.

With two hands on the scale – the red hand weighs and returns to the top after removing the luggage, and the black hand stays in position to indicate the weight of the item after you have removed it from the scales,this is the memory function. Using this hanging scale means you will prevent those nasty & expensive shocks at the check-in when you find you have packed too much into your suitcase! Plus, thisportable luggage scale is only H = 20 cm W = 8 cm D = 4 cm.
Comply with airport regulations:

These clear, leak proof bottles comply with current airport regulations meaning you won’t have any problems at the airport! Pack includes a set of 4 bottles with a handy pouch. Wide easy pour necks reduce spillage when decanting your lotions and creams. The handy sizes are also perfect for short trips away from home.

Get more in your suitcase: TRAVEL VACUUM SEAL BAG PACK
By reducing the bulk in your suitcase you can get more in, or fit in all those extra items on the way back! With two clear sealing bags (Large and Medium), all the air can be squeezed out by rolling the bag up
Protect yourself and your family from insect bites: BUG BANDS

There is nothing worse than suffering bites when on holiday, and these are ideal for all the family, being a natural & effective way to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats etc. Worn on the wrists, ankles or belt loops.
These are just some of our Travel Accessories, but this checklist should make sure you do not forget about the essentials! However you will have to remember your toothbrush!

Fed up with eating outside and getting pestered by the usual midges, mosquitoes & gnats? Even in moderate heat they can be a nuisance, and not only when eating out – if you are going camping this year, or planning any outdoor trips such as fishing or walking you will no doubt find these pests a real problem.

The most effective controller is theThermacell Olive Appliance. This amazing product provides 21 square metres of Repellency from Midges, Mosquitoes & Gnats for up to 12 Hours! It is Odour Free, especially important when you are using it in your garden and when eating outside. It is silent and portable.

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