Do you feel confused about the unique and contemporary wedding photo booth trend? Why are you getting so stressed? Break the traditional rule and garland backdrops. Better choose modernised and unique photo booth theme to bring more colour to your wedding. To give a new look to your wedding theme, read the following contemporary trends and choose the ideal one for you.

Boomerang GIFs: 

Are you a social media freaking person? Do you fond of posting your pictures, videos and activities promptly in social media? Then you should opt for boomerang GIFs photo booth for your big day. If you are a fun loving bride, you definitely enjoy the theme.

For instance, you can share animated looping video and can attract the views of your social media friends and followers. In order to create such theme on your wedding, you can ask for the help of the professionals of green screen hire in Sydney.

The love boat: 

Yes, you can get the opportunity to sail with your partner on your D-day. If you are a movie lover, you definitely love such dramatic theme on your event. In addition, you can customize the theme for enhancing your taste. You can ask for the installation of kissing booth for giving more cinematic touch on the event.

Flower power: 

If you are a floral loving person, you can choose the flower power photo booth trend for your wedding. It allows you to get vibrant and bright coloured photos of yours. The funky props for your wedding will be made of charming coloured flowers.

Chalk board: 

It is the most cheapest and simple way of creating backdrop for your gala day. The backdrop design is interesting however simple and elegant. If you do not prefer to make the wedding photo booth design clumsy, you can opt for chalk board style.

The chalk board contains attractive texture, for instance, it may display the wedding date and venue on the board. Apart from this, the guests will have the power to write their own text in the chalkboard.

Faux framed wall: 

Faux framed backdrop wall is built in such a way that it looks like a mini room. The chair, tables or cushions are positioned in the faux framed wall accordingly. If you want, the experts can also add humorous elements in the faux framed designed wall.

Fringe curtains: 

Wedding photo booth offers the clients to click their wedding pictures in front of lustrous and soothing coloured fringe curtains. The curtain colour is chosen based on the attire and accessories of the brides and groom. In addition, you will get some props, such as veils and bouquets for capturing the clothes.

Projected images: 

It is the greatest opportunity to make your wedding day more special. You can choose the best backdrop image, which is going to be displayed in your background by a projector. You can create thematic props such as Vintage Vespa on your D-Day. In this regard, you need to consult to the expert of photo booth hire in Sydney.

Final Words

The aforementioned trends of the photo booth at wedding help you to choose the best suited theme for your event. You can capture the moment and can cherish it forever.

Author's Bio: 

The author has had prior knowledge to take help from the experts of photo booth and hence, writes content on the top trend photo booth for the wedding.