Web design assumes new features every year. Thanks to its close ties with technological developments, the digital world showcases fresh innovations in overall immersion, animation, and interaction with every passing year.

Web design company Boston looks towards 2022 with fresh trends. There is a return to the 90s and 80s; animation is scaling new heights, and typography is assuming a leading role. Mobile devices are becoming all too powerful, and the Pandemic has transformed all aspects of life. As such, web design in 2022 is becoming experimental and diverse within digital annals.

Following are the trends in web design to emerge in 2022:


When one tries to inspire people with one’s message, it implies drawing them in with interactions and visuals which engage and surprise them. In 2022, one will see more animations and background videos that engage the minds of visitors, reduce bounce rate, and aid visitors to engage with messaging.

Micro-animations and micro-interactions infuse pages with energy and life. One must make them both subtle and noticeable, which makes one’s website stand apart from the competition.


In 2022, most businesses will face numerous challenges. If a business must grow, creating blocks to customer engagement is not feasible. In terms of web design in 2022, this translates into calming colours, fewer words, clear calls to action, and vivid imagery.

Page design is going to transform into lightweight experiences which push website visitors to explore further instead of cramming all facts in a single page. They will be simple messages which inspire visitors to want to learn more instead of complicated conversations that leave visitors overwhelmed by information overload.

Safety first

The Pandemic has left everyone overwhelmed. While all are considering how to engage with the new world after 2021 and 2020, design trends are shaping up to help everyone feel safe and ready to engage again. Websites are tailoring the design to provide people space, lower anxiety, and feel safe and comfortable.

Webpages are now integrating more imagery that evokes outdoor spaces. By integrating 

organic and natural shapes, web pages feel alive, inspiring, and unique. Designers wish to make visitors feel that though they are in a new space, they are as much safe as at home. Designs that feel accommodating, inviting, and spacious will speak to one’s sense of safety and security.

Accessibility and Customization 

Accessibility is a critical element of web design. In 2022, Boston web development companies will consider web development as a holistic process where there is a meeting of technical needs and content. Accessibility is equal to content strategy, design and security for reaching one’s message to all. More and more websites are integrating 

font and theme customizations for multiple reasons, and the top reason is accessibility. Accessibility features such as contrast adjustment and font scaling are becoming more widely implemented.

Positive Mindset

Design trends are motivated by cultural mindsets. Several negative mindsets and thoughts confuse and obscure the modern realm of the internet. Information overload is very much present and damages everyone’s ability to understand and cope with one’s experiences.

Great websites in 2022 will combat this by creating experiences that help the user and generate goodwill and positive thinking. They foster themes of growth and recovery with excellent images and clear messaging. Such trends will help develop a positive image of one’s website.

Retro Revolution

Modern web designers are getting inspired by a return to the early hey-days of the internet. The so-called designs of Web 1.0 in the 1990s featured prominent table layouts, bright coloured backgrounds, and typefaces that are robotic-like Courier. There is a revival of web designers in 2022 of such trends with the extra benefit of joint design experience of almost 30 years.

Visible Borders

Web designers are fond of creating a magical sense or an illusion that content is arranged neatly by invisible hands, floating freely within digital space. Of course, in reality, websites are constructed on a firm grid and joined with code. In 2022, designers are considering highlighting layouts that disclose their foundation via simple frames and borders.

A grid that is visible helps to distinguish sections from one another. This renders web pages easy to scan and permits more content sans overcrowding.

In sum, web design trends of 2022 mean another step forward but, on the World Wide Web, this is nothing new. In the current age, the future and innovations move speedily, and Web design company Boston paves the wayThe goal of web design in 2022 seems to generate a sense of wonder, no matter how unconventional their strategy.

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