Web Applications are getting in trend. There are many web development companies which are now challenging native mobile app companies. The reason is the popularity which these have gained in the past few years. Developing a web application is cheaper than developing a native application, it is cross-platform as it only requires a browser to run on. Being said that, this is becoming the first choice of many enterprises for their app development needs.

There is nothing that cannot be developed with this technology. There are some high-end applications which might create issues but normal applications especially that are made for enterprises, they can run smoothly. These applications provide an exact interface like that of a mobile application, the only difference is, they run on mobile or desktop browsers.

A PWA Development company can take over most of the share of native app development companies. Web applications are one of the best alternatives to traditional native applications. The problems of heavy end application development will also be solved very soon. Enterprises have now started hiring web app developers instead of native app developers because it is cheaper and provides them with the same functionality. Below are some ways and trends by which developers or a web application development company can reduce costs:

Trends to be followed to reduce the Web Application development cost

1. Using WebAssembly

It Will empower the developers to develop high-end web apps at cheaper rates. This is a framework which allows web developers to develop high-end applications like games or utility applications. There is a problem that there are some browsers that do not support it, but this will be soon solved as it is getting popular. This will allow web app developers to develop applications which will be more complex. The enterprises which had doubts about getting their high-end applications developed with web application development companies.

2. Voice search technology can enhance the functionality of the app

This new technology is being used by many native applications nowadays and it can also be used with web applications. This can increase the functionality of the application to a great extent. Enterprises can have many benefits from this feature. This will make the application more productive and enhance the appeal in the users too. Any Mobile App Development company will face tough competition from the web development companies because of features like this and their low cost.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is the most trusted cryptosystem in the whole world. This is a peer-to-peer setup that removes the need for mediators. Blockchain technology can be integrated with web applications and can be used to provide consumers with the best and most transparent services in the world. There will be no problems with the mediator commission for the enterprises because of the blockchains network. There is nothing which can beat blockchain in terms of transparency and reliability. Mobile App Development company that works with blockchain has already proved its positive effects.

4. Single page web application development

There are web applications that are made on a single web page, which means they don’t need reloading during the use. Developing these might be a bit complex but it reduces the cost as there is only a single page that is hosted on the internet. This is something that will make traditional cross platform app development companies find a new way to sustain. These applications are fast and very user friendly.

5. PWA

PWA development company can make applications that are just like traditional mobile applications. There are many big applications that now also have their PWA versions. Examples for these are Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are many enterprises that have started choosing PWA over other frameworks for app development.

The Tips

1. Do proper research

Though it might seem like a loss of time, proper research is an important aspect of the reduction of costs. Thorough research may result in effective ideas regarding cost reduction without damaging the quality or number of features in the application. If a well-made plan is made by the developers with all requirements, goals, and sketches make it easier for the whole team to work fast and more efficiently.

2. Don’t use customized graphics too much

Too many graphics spoil the real essence of the need and purpose of the application. Every mobile app is different. But each of them has some similar elements such as buttons, navigation types and many more. The reason behind this is that the user expects the applications to behave in a similar way which is most suitable for the platform they are working in. Using these common elements or similar to them can help in saving time, money and efforts. Customization of applications is highly important but one should know where to draw the line.

3. Take continuous feedbacks

The mobile industry is growing at a fast pace. Every mobile app development company wants to fulfill every desire of its customers. Taking feedback in a continuous manner can help the companies to understand the requirement. One can also get an idea of how and what features are attracting the customers and what are getting ignored. When an app gets updated, it is important to take care of all the favored features and improvise them. Feedback is a cost-effective tool for helping out the team of developers.

4. Divide the tasks carefully

Whenever an application development process takes place, a huge team gets involved in it. It is the responsibility of the team leader to divide the work accordingly so that no employee gets overloaded with work. It is also important to assign suitable work to a dedicated employee to ensure efficiency during the whole project.

5. Focus more on important parts

The team must have a focus on prominent points of the application. There are some instances when too much is spent on less important parts and to avoid that, it is important to know about the parts that are important before it all starts. Web Application Development is all about making the best things in the budget.


Cross-Platform app development is already getting popular because of its features. This is even better than that. Cross-Platform application development without the PWA framework is still costly. They have all the things in their favor and it is not too far that they will become a tough competition. Looking at the current market scenario, PWA will soon become one of the most prominent frameworks for cross-application development.

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