Splashing a specific wall with a single-tone colour is still a popular choice for most people out there. But, if you want to get creative and make the interiors of your home stand out from the rest, then you can easily opt for the various wall decor ideas available in 2019.

It will not matter whether you’re after kitchen, bathroom or bedroom wall design ideas, because all of these design ideas are affordable and will surely inspire you for years to come.

Fantastic Wall Design Ideas For 2019

1. Contrasting Colour Design

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to make your walls look great. When a new home is constructed, the walls of the rooms are painted in white universally. You can use contrasting and bright colours to paint on one side of the walls or two parallel walls, using painters Auckland services.

If you’re a business-related person, then this type of style will suit your needs. It will give out a fresh and positive vibe to the whole house.

2. Wall Painting Design

Paintings should not be stored like a memorable or a precious memento. Instead, paintings should be showcased in the right way possible. You can select paintings depicting nature or pictures painted by famous personalities, like Monalisa. You can try some unique designs for your wall, which will uplift the overall elegance of the room.

3. Glass And Curtain Wall Design

Instead of constructing a thick concrete or wooden wall, you can easily opt for glass-fitted French-styled windows. Or you can go or glass frames with white frame partitions, which can be a decorative piece.

You can then hang curtains that are brightly coloured and are thick and stable, from the inside to blind these long glass windows. This will help in giving your room a classic, modern touch.

4. Mirror Wall Design

If you are planning to decorate your bedroom or living-room, then mirrors are the most cost-effective way to decorate. You can choose your mirror sizes according to your preferences. The mirror should have a shiny finish with a wooden frame around it.

The shape and the width of the mirrors can be customised according to the dimensions of the room. Most women love this type of wall designs.

5. Integrated Chimney Wall Design

This is one of the most popular vintage designs which still has its value in today's world, due to the updated technologies which help in presenting it. In this type of plan, one of the walls is fitted with a chimney, along with a metal frame and also gold stones that are glittery in nature.

Through the metal frame, you can easily see the wood-burning fireplace.

6. Family Tree Wall Design

Memories are what make the life of a person, and this design will remind you of your loved ones. The family tree will be depicting the pictures of everyone in your family - each of them in photo frames represented by branches of a tree.

Each branch will portray each family member. The first branch will represent the grandfather and the grandmother, and then the succession will follow downwards.

7. In-Built Clock Wall Design

This design will quickly fall under the contemporary design category. The long and the short arms of the clock will be attached at the centre of a circle, and there will be annotations of the clock hours around the ring. From far away, it will look just like a hand-watch. You can tweak the creativity as per your choice and tastes.

8. Coloured Bricks Wall Design

Bricks are not only used to construct buildings but also used in a unique way to light up your room. With the help of various technological developments, these bricks are finished in high, glossy colour. And their colour ranges from light brown to cream colour.

These types of bricks will then be cemented on one side of your room's wall, or generally on the middle wall. It can also serve as a back-drop for your television or home theatre system. In case you have no budget constraints, this will be a perfect design idea for your wall.

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