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Marketing is one of the essential aspects of any business. It is the critical process of researching, promoting, and selling products to your target market. Any business aims to make profits, and it is impossible to make any profit without making sales. Marketing gives you a platform to attract, inform, and convince people that your services and products are of great value to them.

You might have one of the most amazing products in the market, but without marketing, no one will understand that the product exists and you will not make any sales. Marketing is, therefore, a key to any business success.
Below we look at the top five law firm marketing ideas and strategies that will steer your law firm business to great success.

Search engine optimization

It is crucial for all law firms to pay attention to Search engine optimization all the time and not only in 2019. This will mean that any law firm must run a serious SEO campaign to improve visibility in Google's search results.

You will mainly find that the most significant percentage of online users will not go past the first page of Google, while nearly all online experiences begin with a search engine. This, therefore, means that you need to be seen in the search engine results pages to get clicks and traffic.

There are specific considerations you have to put in place for the most effective law firm SEO. These are such as proper keyword research, optimizing images, professionally written titles and descriptions, keeping the page load times quick, and maintaining logical website architecture are the best practice-SEO all the times. Apart from these, every law firm should pay close attention to crucial other SEO aspects in 2019, such as:
Reducing the bounce rate by making proper titles and having your pages highly relevant to your chosen keywords.

Increment of the length of time that visitors spend on your web pages and your site in general.
You need to make use of schema markup for the law firm to ensure that the content pages are detailed for the search engines.

Focus on long-term content making (meaning articles of more than 1000 words) in recent years this kind of content has outperformed shorter form content and is shared more often.

You need to do link-building with authority sites
Focusing on making it mobile-friendly: you will be penalized if your website displays poorly on mobile devices. You must keep it clean and organized.
Finally, you need to do citation building and review solicitation.

Many law firms usually target clients within the local area, and this will require the firm to have an excellent local SEO with Google my business accounts fully optimized to enhance their attorney marketing tips.

Pay per click advertising on Google

A well-organized and optimized Google advertising will send large volumes of traffic to your website, and this will translate into paying clients. Through this optimization, you can become the best ppc agency.

If you have not achieved the results, you would desire on advertising on Google; this could be due to the following reasons:

You might have been trying to compete with ultra-competitive keywords such as 'attorney' and 'lawyer' –and these are among the most expensive keywords you will find.

Maybe you never optimized your advertising words.
You never put enough time into your research, or you have not hired the best digital marketing company to do the advertising campaign.

Make 2019 the year to get the most desirable results from paid advertising on Google by applying the right keywords and optimizing them correctly.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has gained massive popularity in recent years, and it has gotten even more prominent in 2019. The major platforms involved in this form of marketing are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For a law firm to connect with its target audience and to stay relevant in the market, you need to have a twitter account and a facebook account and more especially if your target clients include the general public.
Creating a LinkedIn account for marketing your Law firm will be vital, especially if you are targeting professionals or other business clients-like Mark LLP and Kestenbaum from Great Neck, NY. You need to not only target the youngsters who will be your tomorrow clients in your social media marketing. Their parents or even grandparents might be using social media daily in different forms.

If you can connect with your target audience where they are hanging out, display your expertise, and integrate some personality, you simply raise your social proof and your credibility. This will generate volumes of leads and in return, facilitate the growth of your firm.

Video marketing

With the significant advancements in marketing in recent years, you need to do video marketing. It is essential than ever to get video marketing in 2019. Video marketing creates instant trust and improves conversions, especially if you are targeting a young clientele. It builds instant credibility and engages your website visitors on their terms.
It becomes more natural to convince a client through a video as compared to other mediums commonly used in marketing most law firms. The most desired video will involve:

Introducing your attorneys and lawyers

Providing a behind the scenes view of your law firm
Answer FAQs and provide the how-to information
Featuring the clients' reviews and testimonials
You need to go for the most convincing strategy when it comes to your law firm marketing, and video marketing will take your law firm to the next level leading to massive leads.

Your website

Only a few lawyers will embrace the thought of adding more exciting features to their website. The idea of imagining hours of last time giving away free advice does not motivate them in any way, but they need to learn their importance.
Here are some of the benefits your law firm can benefit from a live chat:

You are in a position to turn interested persons in the genuine lead.

It is possible to keep your website open 24/7.
Immediacy – You can answer the client's questions immediately.

It makes you have a more progressive modern approach in a profession perceived the opposite way.
It does not require you to use any of your time to attend to clients queries-your agents look after the queries.
You need to understand that any exciting feature you add to your website can result in volumes of leads. If you want to create a progressive law firm and that engages their clients at their terms, then you need to consider live chat in 2019.

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