Richard told “The one thing that all successful athletes, musicians, singers and self-made millionaires and billionaires have in common is an attitude of success. They didn’t acquire this after their achievements.”

1.Expect the best: build your success attitude with a positive attitude. Expect each day to be wonderful. It’s amazing how the interruptions to your enjoyment become fewer and fewer.

2.Make it a habit to be positive: some habits take a while to cultivate and transform into subconscious automatic behaviour. Make it a habit to be positive every day. Avoid negative thoughts - they damage your self image.

3.Use repetition: athletes build muscle by continual repetition. In a similar way, we need to continually send the right messages to the brain. Ten repetitions of a thought will create the foundation on which the skyscraper of positivity will stand.

4.Smile: you will find it so much harder to have negative thoughts when you are smiling.

5.Try not to burden others: despite enormous pain and discomfort or other difficulty, some people remain positive and avoid burdening others with their problems. They demonstrate a success attitude and are a joy to spend time with or chat to on the phone.

6.Plan doing something positive each day: positive actions equal positive results. By planning and doing something constructive each day, you will progress towards your goal. Seeing ourselves progressing motivates us.

7.Be honest: by being honest with other people and with your self, you will become more self assured and more confident. Honesty with yourself allows you to know where you are and what you believe. Honesty with others enables them to know where you and they stand.

8.Discard negative thoughts: when you’ve taken photographs, you discard those that are out of focus or where badly lit and keep the quality images. Your mind works in the same way - cast out the negative images and replace them with positive ones.

9.Think of problems as challenges: use the word “challenge” rather than “problem.” Your mind positively embraces a challenge whereas a problem is a de-motivator. In Chinese, the world “wei –chi” literally translated means “crisis” and “danger.” The same characters together also mean opportunity.

10.Managing change: during your lifetime and mine, change will be with us. You can view it an s threat or an opportunity but you cannot stop it. Embrace change positive, enthusiastically see what might be and not what was.

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Over the past 20 years Richard has become a legend on the international speaking circuit. The Richard Denny Group is recognised at the forefront of business training, selling, leadership and management, customer care and business growth.