Everyone today is getting bored with the monotonous routine of the sex. Usually only a missionary position is used to do sex and that also at the same place, that’s our bedroom, which is making sex a boring activity. This is leading to the uninteresting sex life that is finally affecting the relationship with your partner. It has now become a necessity to break the monotonous routine of sex and to try out the new things to rejuvenate the sex life. Here are some tips that will help you to make your sex life more thrilling and break the monotonous sex routine.

Tip 1. Try New Things

Yes, to break the monotonous sex routine, you need to try out the new things that will revitalize your sex life. New things is to not to try something incredible but to do the things as if you are just newly married couple and trying if for the first time. The best thing you could do is to try out the different sex positions instead of regular missionary position to break the boredom. You could try women on top position, sideways position, cowgirl position, etc. to make sex more thrilling experience for both the partners. You can even fit a mirror in the bedroom in front of you bed and you may watch each other while doing sex. This could really turn both of you on, which will finally lead to most ecstatic experience of your life. The new things you could try by playing the card games together, whoever loses has to remove the clothes. This will create a stepwise sexual ecstasy that will create the most exotic feeling and surely both of you will love it. You can even have the bath together in a one bathtub, washing each other bodies will explore you the new erogenous zones of your partner that will make you ready for the best sexual ride of your life.

Tip 2. Make Sex Passionate

Usually the passion in the sex gets sidelined over time and sex merely remains a mechanical activity for both the partners. Thus, to rejuvenate the sex life the first thing you could do is to make sex passionate. The only thing you need to do is to reignite the fire of passion again to make it the most exciting act that you both could enjoy. While engaging in the sex, foreplay can be brought in the picture. Foreplay can be done either by giving a special sensual message all over the body, or even by the oral sex. Please try out the things that you are comfortable with. Undressing each other slowly and steadily may also be done as the foreplay. Another thing is to tease each other during the sex that would surely create a new sexual zing. Give a special consideration towards the likes and dislikes of your partner. Concentrating on the likes will surely get your partner is best of his mood for sex.

Tip 3. Sex at Different Places

Sex is the best when tried out everywhere. The sex at different places has the different levels of excitement that will surely be helpful in breaking the monotonous routine sex. Sex on beach is one of the most passionate sex places, which is loved by both the partners. Having sex on the sand below the sun really turns out to be most passionate sexual experience of the life. Sex done even at different places in hours like on dinner table in the kitchen, bathroom, living room on the sofa are found to rekindle the sexual zing in both the partners. Sex can even tried in the garden, in the swimming pool or even next to the pool while drying. This type of the sexual experience will surely break the monotonous sexual routine and you will once again find sex as the most pleasurable and enjoyable activity.

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