Being made redundant, especially in today’s market situation, is really harsh. You might feel worthless, losing self-confidence, you are afraid of financial insecurity and can’t even think of the pile of work to be done to get another job.
But don’t panic and don’t feel devastated! Here are 7 top tips to manage this kind of situation:

1. Deal with your feelings. Be aware of your emotions, identify them. Don’t try to press them because they will return, deal with them instead. Talk about it or write it out, these are both very good ways to handle it.

2. Treat yourself to something nice. You are made redundant, but still, you deserve nice treatment. Who else could better give this to you than yourself? Surprise yourself with something nice every day – it can be a small thing like taking a relaxing bath with candle light or watching a good DVD or decorating your home with flowers. It is just so great enjoying the small pleasures of life.

3. Talk to people. No, not only jobless people – although they are the ones who can best understand you, that might lead to depressive conversations. Keep contact instead with your friends, family, ex-colleagues (or any people actually who can cheer you up or inspire you for action) and talk to them. Even if you don’t talk about your problem, just listening to others and getting a pinch of positivity can help.

4. Do something meaningful every day. If you have a hobby, spend some time with it. Now is the occasion to do things you did not have time for before and besides, it will also re-energise you and will give you self-confidence. If you don’ have a hobby, find one – reconnect to your dreams and passions. Or how about volunteering for some work?

5. Understand the reason of redundancy. Clarify within yourself, what has lead to this situation. Was it in your control? If so, what can you learn from that for the future? Was it independent of you? If so, don’t take it personally. Put yourself into your manager’s shoes and try to understand why it came to this decision. Once you understood it, accept it and move forward. The main thing is that do not stay stuck in the negative feeling.

6. Make a finance plan for yourself. To make sure you can make ends meet until you find a new job, make a list of things you cannot afford yourself in these circumstances and you can renounce of without pain. For example if you want to keep going out, do you need your usual 5 drinks or one is enough? Will you eat in restaurant once a week or once a month only?

7. Turn to the future. Don’t moan over the past, you have no power to change it. But you have the power to shape your future! So do something about it. Find out what would be the next job, where to find it, update your CV and off you go. The sooner you act, the sooner you get out of this situation.

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Career Wellness Coach Erika Kalmar helps you clarify your true career path, find the job you have been longing for and design your career to move towards the goals you set.

Having spent the last 10 years in recruitment, Erika realised the importance of career wellness as opposed to career success and applies this in her approach with clients. She is working with knowledge worker professionals who want to bring in more balance and fulfilment in their career lives, by offering f*ree career tools, articles, career support community and coaching.

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