Bathing is a ritual most people perform every day.
There is a plethora of bath products in the marketplace that many women love to use.
While men may have a theatre room as their escape, women have the bathroom.
Other than primping and washing herself, women use the bathroom to de-stress.
What a great way to relax at the end of a long, hard day in a luxurious bath, perhaps one with bubbles, bath salts or bath oils.
As more people become concerned about what goes on, as well as in, their bodies, natural bath products become more important than ever.
Herbs play a wonderful role in increasing the pleasure of a good bath, and they also have the added benefit of healing the body.
Herbs used in essential oils are particularly beneficial, as the oils are absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream, where they have a therapeutic effect on the body.
Some essential oils to use in the bath include lavender for relaxation, geranium for balancing the nervous system, peppermint and rosemary for increasing energy and sweet basil and eucalyptus for sore muscles.
As essential oils are expensive, a little goes a long way. Only a few drops are needed to cause a healing effect.
Try single drops of one essential oil first to determine if the aroma is suitable and to take note of any healing effect encountered. Start with 3-4 drops.
You will notice the scent immediately. The healing effect will be noticed by the time your bath is over.
For those who are more keen, different essential oils can be combined into a blend that will have a further, often synergistic, healing effect.
Just keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to combine a stimulating essential oil with one that is more relaxing.
Don’t use any essential oil directly on the skin, as many oils can irritate the skin so they should always be diluted.
You may also wish to dilute the essential oil in a small amount of bubble bath or massage oil before adding to the bath.

Using the actual herb itself is far less costly for enhancing the bath. One way is to make an herbal ‘tea’ to use in the bath, or to put dried herbs in a muslin or cheesecloth bath to run under the water from the tap.
Some herbs to consider are basil leaves and fennel seeds, as both herbs can tone and stimulate dull skin. Lavender flowers are good for relaxation, while peppermint leaves are refreshing and cool.

Sometimes essential oils are combined with the dried leaves or seeds of herbs to create a more enhanced, as well as, a visually pleasing effect.
This is particularly useful if one is making bath products to give as gifts.
Making your own gifts for bathing is far less costly than those made commercially. The receiver will appreciate that the gift is also natural. Using essential oils in Epsom salts is a simple gift to make.

To enhance the gift, use decorative jars and labels. Write the title of the product with a special pen, such as a gel pen, to give it a special look.
Add a bow or tie with ribbon to finish the gift. If a more natural look is wanted, use natural fibres such as raffia and hot glue dried buds or potpourri bits to the jar’s lid.

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