The top rated stock market newsletter is the Forbes prudent speculator. It has been in service for more than 28 years now. Forbes value-based invested system delivers a 21% return annually for its users. According to the ratings of Hulbert grading for Total Return Performance for the previous 5 to 25 years, the prudent speculator takes the number 1 position as the most accurate investment newsletter.

The prudent speculator is the sole investment advisory on Wall Street which has a 28 year record of investing fruitfully in the right rates on Wall Street. It works in a range of varieties of investment opportunities starting from technology, acquiring solutions, education user electronics to fiscal matters etc. They are the market opportunities you will gain from using the top rated stock market newsletter available.

The prudent speculation has a 100% money back guarantee. If the advice provided by this financial newsletter is not profitable to the user you have the option of unsubscribing and asking for your full money back.

Contents of Forbes prudent speculator
1. An up-to-date goal prices on all recommended stocks.
2. Close up observation involving the present market activity
3. Easy to understand reports of activity in the prudent speculator portfolios.
4. Well-timed stock of the month examination, evaluation and explanation.
5. Portfolio generator which aids investors chose stocks or create a little portfolio from a larger buy listings.
6. Private email hotlines mailed 3 times every week.
7. Fast action using email alerts at the time the NASDAQ or DOW goes up or comes down over 3% or 5% severally per day/
8. Full entrance to an investment website with profitable information for subscribers only.

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