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It happens to all of us in our life times. Whether its the loss of a job you new would just be perfect, or the love of your life, or your so-called best friend, at some point your hopes and dreams and feelings get trampled on with no more seeming thought than if you were a bug on a windshield. Your chest feels tight, and you just want to go to bed and have a nice long howling cry.

For some unlucky few, you shake your head in bewilderment and know this isn't the first time this has happened and you wonder what you did wrong. But, if you can't take the time for the tears now, because its inconvenient, or that 5% of you that is still standing up with chin held high says its not worth crying over, you've still got some pride left after all, then try these top ten things to do when you've been rejected list.

1. Self indulge your loss with a box of your favorite candy and lock yourself in front of the TV with I Love Lucy reruns.

2. Imagine the reject-or standing naked on a busy street with hands out stretched in a help me gesture, and people driving by staring and gawking, and laughing hysterically and no one stops to assist.

3. Imagine your on a see-saw and you do that jump off trick so that the person is stuck up in the air and can't get down.

4. Open up a free Gmail account and share anonymous information that would embarrass the reject-er to their friends or colleagues.

5. Take that same Gmail account and write there phone number in an ad on Craigslist seeking a no-strings attached relationship.

6. Write up a post it note on your desk that says in big, bold, letters "Their loss not mine."

7. Start to rebuild your self esteem by watching Sesame Street or Old Mr. Rogers neighborhoods.

8. Write a letter detailing your anger and frustration and hurts and print it out.

9. Take the letter cut it in to little pieces and have a cleansing ceremony by burning it or throwing it out the window.

10. Imagine you find something ten times better, you get on national TV because of your charm and efforts, and they are watching you in your new designer clothes talking to Oprah while they are sitting at home alone eating their own box of chocolates.

Ok, ok, ok... you can't really do some of these as they are illegal, and as much as you would like your revenge, the truth is rejection really does hurt deep down inside and shakes up the core of who we think we are. Hiding behind anger, and humor are like applying band-aids to a broken bone. It might cover up the sight of the pain and it might heal over time some what, but its not the most effective thing to do.

The things that really will help the most are working to find ways to let go of that moment or dream, rebuilding your own self-esteem, and letting back in that humor when you can laugh without the pain underneath. This is the time to surround yourself with the comfort of your friends, family, and the things that bring peace in to your life. If you find you need a little more help, or that time doesn't seem to work in the helping of the healing process, think about some other constructive things to do.

The thing to remember about rejection is that its all about the actions of someone else. Actions you can't control because someone else is behind them. You only have the power to control where you go from here and how you handle the next date or job interview, or social situation. Don't let someone else’s actions steal that power away from you!

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