It is exciting to see a fast growing number of people creating a personal Vision Board, as this is such an effective way to apply “The Law of Attraction” as seen in “The Secret”. However, a lot of people don't know exactly how to create a Vision Board, so I thought I'd give you my personal top tips as to how you can create a Vision Board that empowers you every day and that keeps you inspired for the long term.

Firstly, let me briefly explain what a Vision Board is. A Vision Board basically is a collage of images of all the things you would like to have, do or become. You either glue them on a paper cardboard or you can use computer software that is especially designed to assist in making your Vision Board. By using your Vision Board on a daily basis you will focus on your goals and dreams. This way you are feeding your subconscious mind with the goals you want to achieve. It is like the “orders” you wish to place with the Universe. Particularly important when you look at your Vision Board, is to really feel as if you have already achieved this goal. See and feel yourself in the position of having achieved those goals; notice how this feels. This feeling “as if” and the subsequent vibration that this causes is what actually attracts your goals into your reality, by virtue of “The Law of Attraction”. You can add power to your Vision Board by using inspiring affirmations or power words such as “Freedom” or “Dream car”. By using these positive self statements, we call affirmations; we can truly benefit from the positive energy that this generate and puts into the Universe..

So where do you start when creating a Vision Board? Well, firstly have a good think about what you wish to create for yourself in your life. What is important to you? Which goals do you want to achieve and will the achievement of these goals make you feel happy and fulfilled? Look into different areas of life such as relationships, health, wealth, family, spirituality. Be as specific as possible; if you wish to create more spare time with your family then what would you do? Would you go out to the park with your children, would you take them on a camping trip? How would that make you feel? What is wealth for you? Owning a new house, going on an exotic holiday or donating to charity? What makes you feel fulfilled? It is worth spending time to think your goals through as this is essence of your Vision Board.

Make a list of all your different goals. Then think about how you can translate this goal visually into an image. Do you have images yourself you could use? The more personal the image, the stronger the emotional feeling that is created when you look at the image. For instance, you could represent “more family time” with a nice picture of yourself and your family on a day out. Or make a picture of yourself on a spot that represents a goal like “developing my spirituality”. If you want to eat a more healthy diet, use a picture of yourself eating something healthy. Or you can choose to visualize this goal with a picture of some fruit and vegetables. You can also use a picture of yourself at your ideal size and weight orfind a picture of someone at this ideal size and weight and put your face in place of theirs.

I recommend to first focus on 6-8 major goals and to therefore create a Vision Board of about 6-12 images. This will assist you in keeping the focus on different areas of your life, without loosing sight of your main goals.. This way you will use the Vision Board to it’s maximum effectiveness. Once you have achieved a goal, make sure to update your Vision Board with the image of another goal. This way your Vision Board keeps up to date and inspirational.

Another important suggestion is to create maximum exposure to your Vision Board. Make sure you display your Vision Board in different places, so you see it often, whether this is conscious or subconscious. Ideally, you hang your Vision Board all around your home and keep one in your diary as well. By using Vision Board software, you can display your Vision Board on your computer as your screen saver and wall paper. It also allows you to print off your Vision Board. In addition, make sure to share your Vision Board with the people in your life who can encourage you and will keep you accountable. You can show it to them when they visit your home, or -if you use Vision Board Software- you could send your Vision Board to them by email.

Finally, the key is to JUST START. Hopefully these tips have made this a bit easier! Too many people just think about their Vision Board and plan to “someday” create one “when the time is right”.... The right time is NOW! Creating a Vision Board is an ongoing process. As your goals and dreams change so will your Vision Board. So just start the process NOW and learn along the way!

Happy visualizing!

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Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative company focused on helping others to attract their goals in life by offering a unique new visualization tool called “Vision Board”; an easy and very powerful way of creating a dynamic Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with your chosen affirmations and power words. For more information feel free to visit
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