Now that you have your website set up and looking good, it is time to work on getting people to visit your site. After all, your site won't perform well if no one comes to see it. Even the best site won't help you make money if you are not able to bring in traffic. The good news is that there are many ways that you can bring in traffic to your site. Here are some of the top ways that you can work on getting more traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click Marketing

One way that you can work on drawing in more traffic to your website is to use pay per click marketing. Obviously this is a paid method of bringing in traffic, but it one of the better paid methods to use to gain traffic. With this type of marketing you are able to pay only when people click the link, which means you are not paying out for advertising that doesn't provide you with any results. Make sure that you use good search terms and that you also write good ad copy. Then track your ads and use the ads that perform the best. Many people find that pay per click marketing is very successful for traffic generation.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another way that you can generate more website traffic. What you do is simply write articles that are related to your website and then publish them on article directories where people can find them. At the end of your article you are able to add in a resource box that can include the link to your site. It is fairly easy to write these articles yourself or you can hire them out for reasonable rates as well. It is easy to get hundreds of articles out there, and all of them will be linked up to your website, driving in more traffic.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an effective tool for generating traffic as well. Basically viral marketing is giving something away to get people to your site or to sign up at your site. You can give away a free report, an ebook, or some other informational product. People love to get something for free, which makes this an excellent way to draw in more visitors to your site.

Running a Contest

Having a contest on your site is another excellent way that you can bring in more traffic to your website. Not only can it help you to get more traffic to the site, but you can also use the contest to come up with a good list of possible customers as well. Set up a contest that requires people to fill out a form to register to win the prize that you are offering. Get their email and ask for permission to email them while you are doing this. This way you build up a good list of leads and you also draw traffic with the promise of a good prize at the end of your contest. Just make sure you actually deliver on that prize or you will ruin your credibility.

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