The Fundamentals of Weight Control

Do you ever wonder why it is so difficult to lose weight? You count calories, measure food, eat smaller portions, and you end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Don't get discouraged. You're just another victim of dieting! Almost everybody has experienced failure at a diet. When dieting, everybody focuses on calorie reduction. This method will only take you so far. A drastic change in your caloric intake can result in you gaining weight and ultimately quitting your diet.

Dieting alerts the body's natural defense mechanisms that protect it in emergency situations. When you decrease your body's caloric intake during a diet, your body senses and reacts as if there is an emergency due to a shortage of food. When this occurs, the metabolic rate slows down and retains food for a longer period of time, so it can conserve energy that will help it survive. When the metabolism is lowered by dieting, losing weight becomes difficult and you will usually gain back all the weight you lost very quickly. Many people end up weighing more than they did when they started their diet. This is why most diets don't work!

Your metabolism is the key to weight control! To lose weight safely, and effectively, you must keep your metabolism rate functioning at its optimal level. When your metabolism is stimulated, you are now able to eat three meals a day of real food and Lose Weight! Sounds pretty good, eat good food and Lose Weight!

I know what you are thinking. How do I eat three meals a day, increase my metabolism, and lose weight? The answer is Slim-Me!! With Slim-Me, you can eat real food and lose weight.

Slim-Me Weight Control Formula works by stimulating the body's metabolism, a process that is called "thermogenesis", or "fat burning". Slim-Me Weight Control Formula's blend of natural herbs keep the body at its highest level of metabolic effectiveness and alleviates the metabolic slow-down that occurs with dieting.

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