A ink cartridge or a inkjet cartridge is an important part which can be replaceable from any inkjet printer.An inkjet printer works with header containing the ink and the ink is spread on the paper while printing.Ink cartridge contains one or more ink reservoirs that communicates with the printer.

Ink Cartridges
Most of the home use inject printers manufactured by Canon,Hp,Lexmark etc use a thermal inkjet.In these type of printers it contains the ink reservoir with a heating element and a tiny metal plate or resistor.In response given by a printer a current will go through the metal or a resistor making it some what hot and at that time ink immediately surrounding the heated plate is vaporized into a air bubble inside the nozzle.As the total volume of ink exceeds that of the nozzle,a ink drop is forced out of the cartridge nozzle into the paper.But yes this process or the job take very fast about a milliseconds.

Now for Epson printers,it wil contain piezoelectric crystal in each nozzle instead of a heating element.When a current is passed the crystal changes the shape and size and the drop of ink is forced from the nozzle.

Usually two separate cartridges are inserted into a printer,one cartridge containing black ink and one with each of the tree primary colours.Alternatively,each primary colour may have a dedicated cartridge.Some cartridges contain ink specially used for printing photographs.The printer companies make their own type of ink cartridges.Cartridges for different printers may be incompatible- either physically or electrically.

The quality of the print depends on the smooth flow of the ink,which can also make our printing bad if the ink begins to dry at the print head and which will also happen when the ink level is low in the reserviour.Now if the ink become dry then we can clean the cartridge print head with a folded paper napkin or a chemical.

If we do lot of colour printing then it is obvious the ink cartridges will become empty much quicker.The life span of ink cartridges can be increased only by refilling and recycling.

Ink cartridges are costly as sometimes a substantial fraction of the cost of the printer.Many people to save money they use compatible ink cartridges which is made by a local company or a company which is not dealing in manufacture of printers so they will buy from the vendor other than printer manufacturing company.Generally speaking,Canon,Dell,Hp and Lexmark cartridges are not difficult to refill,though some Lexmark cartridges contains a build in counter chip that can’t be reset.Epson cartridges also have a build in counter chip,however it is possible to purchase a chip resetter.But the Brother cartridges generally don’t contain any chip and consist of merely a sack of ink and so they can be refilled.But the ink refilling work is a very messy and a hasty work for inexperienced people.

The life of a ink cartridge depends on the kind of wear and tear it get over the time period it is in use.It is true that duplicate cartridge will print more pages then the original cartridge.This happens because many of the original ink cartridges are not filled with full capacity.As the manufacturers profits in ink and toner cartridge sales,some of these companies have take various actions against aftermarkets cartridges.

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