Knee replacement is a type of surgery that replaces all the parts of the knee with an artificial implant. It is intended for patients with several knee damage from injury or advanced arthritis. The type of knee arthroplasty a person receives through Best Joint Replacement Surgeon In Indore depends on the extent of the damage to the joint. In the total knee, replacement surgeon replaces the entire joint, both and cartilage with a metal and plastic to the ceramic implant. A partial knee arthroplasty involves replacing only the damaged parts of the patient’s natural joint.

Knee surgery is one of the most frequently performed joint replacements in India and the number of successful surgeries has grown rapidly over the years.

Here are some precautions that can enhance the lifespan of the knee implants-

Maintain a healthy weight- Post-surgery, reverting to unhealthy eating habits at daily life and a sedentary lifestyle can again cause weight gain. People who have undergone knee replacement surgery should eat a balanced diet along with regular mild exercises to maintain a healthy body structure.

Physical activity- According to the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon In Indore regular exercise is must. However, any physical exercise should be undertaken under the advice of your doctor. Such patients have usually advised brisk walking or some basic leg exercises. This helps in muscle strengthening and in proper settling and adjustment of the artificial implants. Regular exercise will also prolong the life of the knee implant. Some patients are advised to take physiotherapy sessions after knee arthroplasty that help strengthen their knee muscles.

Avoid sitting cross-legged- Don’t sit cross-legged for a Qcouple of months after the knee arthroplasty. It’s better to sit on a high chair for initial few months after the surgery as it will reduce the wear and tear, allowing the implants to settle better as per the curvature of the actual bone.

Regular walk- To decrease the chances of knee revision surgery, it is important to increase the pace of walking and distance after a few months of surgery. At the end of two months, patients should be able to walk 1-1.5km per day. Dr. Divyanshu an orthopedic surgeon says one should slowly increase walking by 250 meters every month, till 3 km per day mark is achieved.

Yearly checkups- TKR surgery patients must go for yearly checkups to their surgeon to keep a check on loosening in the joint which can be dealt with time.

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Dr Divyanshu S. N. Goyal is a specialist knee, hip and shoulder Orthopaedic Surgeon. Common surgical treatments such as ACL reconstruction after sporting injuries, shoulder reconstruction after dislocations, knee and shoulder arthroscopies and joint replacement surgery are the cornerstone of Dr Goyal’s practice.