With so many brands and models of home fitness equipment on the market I’m not surprised that the Total Gym is among the most popular after all these years. I purchased a Total Gym for 1000.00 back in the nineties and loved it after seeing the Chuck Norris Total Fitness Gym infomercial.

My main goal has always been to tone rather than build muscle. Having babies, getting older, lack of exercise and physical problems takes it’s toll on our bodies and if we ignore it the body goes south. I was not over weight but my body was what I call “skinny fat,” lacking tone and muscle. Toning workouts for the Total Gym are so effective, you can turn back the hands of time, while also getting a great cardio workout at the same time. You simply set the bench to a lower incline to firm and tone and a higher incline for building and sculpting muscles.

I did my Total Gym workouts three times a week for about 20 minutes while listening to music or watching television. I say used it, because several years later, Pilates showed up on television and I had to have one. Since I didn’t have room for both, I reluctantly sold my Total Gym on EBay to a guy in Texas. I love Pilates too, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be the Total Gym. It’s worth every penny in terms of quality, customer service and it is reasonably priced. Personally, I would opt for a higher end model, like the Total Gym 3000. As you get into your workout routine, you’ll appreciate having the additional options. Actually, I tried the Total Gym 1000 while in a Sears store and was surprised how much better my Total Gym 3000 model was compared to the less expensive ones.

Other people rate their experience with using a Total Gym on average 4 out of 5 stars. I read one review where a man described having a lot of pain in his left shoulder and bursitis, tendinitis in both shoulders. He described how his Total Gym allowed him to work his shoulders without the discomfort he had with free weights. He also reported his shoulder pain decreased substantially with regular Total Gym workouts. Reading this only made me regret selling my Total Gym even more, because today I suffer with the same kind of shoulder problems.

One exercise I have always dreaded is squats. The Total Gym makes doing squats much easier and comfortable. Total Gym is designed to reduce strain on joints and believe me it does just that. I can do more reps and really target stubborn areas like outer and inner thighs not to mention it firms the butt in the process. You can speed up your reps and add cardio, getting a total body workout in less time. Upper body workouts are also easier using your body’s own resistance. The Total Gym is a total fitness gym for you can work the entire body at the same time.

The Total Gym can be stored away between workouts but I think it’s best to keep it out so you will be motivated to use it. I used to jump on it whenever I had break from the kids. Why not work out while watching the soaps, right? Motivation comes easy with the Total Gym because it’s actually a fun workout.

Overall I give Total Gym 5 stars for its quality, simplicity, work out results, and most of all its motivating. Workouts with Total Gym are really a fun way to get in shape and offers easy ways to lose weight. If you are looking for a total fitness home gym that shortens your workout while toning, building muscle and cardio strength, the Total Gym is an excellent choice.

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I enjoy researching products related to self improvment for quality and the best price based on customer experience.
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