If you are unfamiliar with the basics of numerology, you are invited to explore the Numerology Rising website as a source of introductory and in depth material. Doing the numerology of an organization or institution is pretty much similar to constructing a personal chart.

The consonants represent the more external characteristics of an organization and social behavior. The vowels reveal more internal events often behind the scenes activate that may not be as easily recognized. The sum of the numbers represents the aspiration and potential of the organization, as well as its possible shortcomings and flaws.

Typically, the numerologist reduces the number to a single digit from 1 to 9 and uses that for their analysis. As I have stated for many decades, the more experienced practitioner considers carefully the sub numbers or totals of the three different components to provide a much more detailed result. Such is the case for the information that is offered in this presentation. There is an endless amount of information that could be offered, and the following are, admittedly, capsule summaries that are meant to introduce, inform and entertain.

Alabama-This is a combination of an industrious, hardworking and headstrong collective that is idealistic in its aspirations, and wanting to be noted for its efforts and deeds. There is a lot of pride and stubbornness in the persistence to get objectives accomplished. Issues can easily be forced upon the constituents and strong personalities can gain almost dictatorial rule.

There is the proclivity to think what they have done is the best and only way. Thus, rules and regulations can easily become dogmatic and nearly impossible to change. This can lead to confrontation and explosive differences in policy and procedure among various interest groups. When change does come, it can be dramatic and have influence upon many other regions and sectors of life.

Alaska-This combination bodes for high aspirations, emotional adventurism and intense complicated relationships. Many will come seeking adventure, and many will come running away from past mistakes and failures. It offers a refuge for second chances and a population with underlying dysfunctions and self-doubt. When the collective self-doubt gets heavy it can lead to a kind of chip on the shoulder defensiveness.

Fun loving hard living external behaviors can mask serious and potentially volatile dark side undercurrents that can explode in violent crime. The desire for freedom of living can also provide an environment for innovation, imagination and manifestation of new modalities for living. At best emotional initiative and creative instincts bloom and blossom in a way that brings beauty and delight to all.

Arizona-There is a tantalizing combination that seems to offer commercial potential, high hopes, new adventure and the opportunity to live your dream. The lure of money to be made, emotional release and time for some merriment makes this a good scene for tourism as well as for those who settle in and settle down.

The combination lends itself to carelessness and a sort of blindness of aspirations that also attracts those who feed off of other’s dreams potential naïveté (swindlers and such). The touch of transcendence suggests that social trends and the stream of the mass consciousness that have their origin here can have influence upon a larger segment of the population and become national trends. And it can attract collaborators who manipulate well intended social dreams into exploitive policies.

Arkansas-The numbers suggest the likelihood of an outspoken, highly charged and emotional constituency that fluctuates between highs and lows of social cycles, economic trends and civic issues. There is an external appearance of politeness and civility in social interactions and daily affairs. Natural resources are likely to be important to the economy as it is not a strong indicator of industry and heavy commercial enterprise. It can encourage innovative business ideas.

A lot of time can be spent talking about what to do, and how to do it; while becoming challenged at actually doing and completing the task at hand. This combination can harbor secret hidden treachery and duplicity. It is a climate that breeds long winded, smooth talking and euphemisms that cover up real troubles. This creates an environment that can produce highly charismatic and convincing personalities.

California-This combination suggests questions within enigmas surrounded by the challenge and lure of uncertainty. There is a fresh breath of different options, diverse activities, and room for free thought. It beckons the untested and suggests providing an open door to whatever your fantasy may desire. It attracts those with discontent where they are or have been and offers the possibility of an environment that lets the unconventional thrive and a fresh start begin with the hint of fortunes to be made.

With so many options and multifarious activities to choose from this can become a difficult climate to administrate and keep everyone happy. An effort to please all easily can lead to complicated heavy handed forms of policies and a burdensome bureaucracy. The result can be issuing of strict control and regulations. The stress of all these potentially conflicting numbers can result in flaunting of the law and a climate where taboo is the norm and scandal just another part of daily events.

Colorado-A population that can be speculative, headstrong and seeking an unobstructed lifestyle can be associated with this combination. A tendency toward the frantic and at times undisciplined can lead to power issues in administration and conflicts as to what is right or wrong for the populace. A lot of energy is spent upon presenting socially correct appearances.

There are highlights a breakthroughs and noted steps of innovation that can come out of the restless consortium. There is a large dose of purity and idealism of intent that results in the start of well meaning endeavors. The unabashed enthusiasm of the originators can be manipulated by less benign and more power hungry backers whose agenda is distinctly less altruistic. The pent up desires can result in periodic eruption of headline grabbing tragedy.

Connecticut-This is a combination that cries out for adventurism, experimentation and exploration of the fruits of life. A lot of this is funneled through a more conventional and restrained set that makes for a mixed bag of social differences. The tension of differences can lead to a collective attitude of surviving more so than living. There is a flair for connection to nature and the outdoors with a likely interest in cultivation and gardening.

This suggests a kind of collective effort to appear sedate while bursting with pent up desires to just let go and do something wild and wonderful. It harbors sort of a permeating angst left over from some past excessive behavior. In response there come community policies heavy with restraints and control. This can be a collective that sets the tone for reformations and revisions of law and social guidelines.

Delaware-Out front this combination suggests a quiet, dreaming and down home kind of place. Family values are strong. There is a desire for ease of life with simple guidelines and fundamental values. There are many dreams and aspirations of a peaceful world and an urge of imagination that just never seems to quite get put to use. The population may not seem as aggressive or ambitious as some of the more recognized states.

Amid the external calm is a lot of tension building to do something! This can result in bursts of building and emergence of enterprises requiring large labor forces. Workers’ rights and safety become social and legal issues. Strong willed entrepreneurs can take advantage of a mild mannered people. Eventually there become matters of regulation and labor issues between the workers and large commercial institutions.

Florida-This combination keeps the events and matters of state in front of a larger public far more than many of the other states. By numerical standards you might call it a charismatic character within the national family. The numbers suggest a background for magic, mistakes, mischief and major tragedies. An almost Hollywood like aura seems to bring visitors (and potential residents) in anticipation of big things happening to them in life. It can appear to be almost larger than life.

It will provide more of its share of publically recognized actors on the big stage of life. Not all for the best. Where power converges, those who would use it and abuse it converge. There is a lot of leeway for back room business, underground dealings and exploitation of those with wide eyed ambition to gain recognition, fame and fortune. It is likely to have a large share of influence upon national public opinion and social trends. There is a transcendent potential, that if ignited, could eventually touch the world.

Georgia-This numerical combination suggests a lot of stress between contrasting numbers and their way of interacting. There is a robust yearning for dancing, delight and digging into the pleasures of life. At the same time is a vibration that wants to reel in too much unbridled behaviors and keep it directed into a narrow and disciplined path. So you have cycles of seeming tranquility and cycles of major upheaval and uprising.
This places extra attention upon matters of human rights, civil rights and the regulation of community behavior.
There is the potential for powerfully progressive and inspired legal guidelines to emerge from this traditional old member of the states. It has a larger power base of influence that many of the masses would realize. There is a climate of abuse that goes with any power base, and there is the potential to be the arena from which come less exploitive and more universal concepts of power, monetary management and enlightened governing of the masses.

Hawaii-There is a kind of blush of openness and innocence about this combination that aspires to a carefree and respectful attitude toward life and each other. Yet, underneath this are very real struggles of culture, class and commerce. There is a real potential for developing social programs of enlightenment and practicality that serve a universal purpose and not the whims of controlling self-interest groups.

This combination offers a kind of transcendent and effervescent quality out of which comes the archetypes and visions for a better world and way of getting along. The frustration of living in a dark and dysfunctional world can have its depressing and discouraging effects which can lead some to follow escapist course of drugs and other addictions. Out of the mixed cultures and counter cultures arise a fashion of living that helps accelerate the transformation of the planet.

Idaho-Bold, daring, take a risk and go for life energy is a strong element of this combination. There is a suggestion these are often people who left disappointment somewhere else and look for a new start. There is a lot of pent up energy in this population and when it is expressed, big things can come from a little community. It is a collective that looks ahead and is full of different ideas about doing things in a different way.

Sometimes there is stress between the let me go and do attitude and the application of restraint. These are survivors and adjust to harsh conditions and the unexpected well. Among the states it is sort of the little train that could. Invention, innovation and alteration of the status quo thrive in here. This may not be an intellectual powerhouse, but it is a culture that produces some pretty genius solutions while the thinkers ponder and pursue.

Illinois-This combination is one of high aspirations, dream and lofty goals. There is a struggle between the pursuit of experience, experimentation and the weight of a more inhibited status quo consciousness. It encourages the arts, and entertainment along with the search for self-growth. The emotional numbers relate to liquids in the physical world. So water, fuels and chemicals can be an important part of the economy and culture. Issues of welfare, immigration and healthcare can get overworked and mired in complications and administration.

There is a hint of victimhood in this combination, and the tendency for manipulators to prey upon too much idealism and offers of assistance. These can allow for crime, abuse and exploitation to flourish. There is likely a high rate of gambling, domestic and sexual abuse, sex trafficking and violation of human rights. All of these areas of human weakness can open the door to the misuse of public office and administration.

Indiana-You have here a somewhat enigmatic group from a numerical point of view. This combination can reflect a mixture of optimism with guarded hope, a gambling spirit with cautious hesitation and embracing of humanity with a somewhat cool detachment. There can be a question mark as to just what is their state identity and trademark. The fact that it is not often mentioned or in the limelight suggests they may be doing something right.

There is generally a pragmatic down to earth mind set with emphasis upon appearance and socially correct conduct with hidden prankish mischief and desire for hidden delights tugging at the impulse switch. There is the touch of collective goodness of heart which seeks to reach pathways of harmony for the many, without denying individuals rights to differ and express self-identity.

Iowa-This is a somewhat simple combination and suggests a somewhat simple and realistic down to earth approach to life. There can be a minimum of pretense and affect in the daily interaction. This can be in contrast to so much of our national cultural discourse. There is a survival mechanism that is ready for disaster or the unexpected, and can flourish when called upon to handle an emergency.

It is sort of like a group minimalism way of life is encouraged. No need to be extravagant and show off. Rather, enjoy the day to day human element of life: touch, talk, contact and sharing. There is an element of bursting into song or dance or simple forms of expression without having the need for high falutin training at some fancy symposium. There is a kind of practical intuition or close to the earth sense of just knowing things.

Kansas-There is an indication here of a powerful longing for individuality and simultaneous need for righteous and proper living. The high spectrum of optimistic and idealistic aspirations makes it difficult sometimes to simply deal with reality right in front of you. There is an air of just getting away from the complexity of life and enjoy the simple things at hand. Sometimes in the simplicity of life, come the most meaningful and startling revelations for change and growth.

There is a hint of a kind of collective faith in a higher power or greater force than man. The hidden subconscious patterns suggest a population that feels like they have left something undone and have a fate or destiny to make good on a previous promise. Interesting how a group with such a highly charged transpersonal like influence is centered in the get down into the soil farm region of the country.

Kentucky-There is a lot of force here toward the daring do and high living. Also suggested is a mighty powerful base of pride and determination to be recognized for grand deeds. This is channeled through an indicator which mellows the appearance of such willfulness under a soft and sweet public persona. There is so much potential that there are bound to be influences from the state that spread beyond the state line and touch many souls.
One thing that stands out is the likelihood of issues that can arise from gambling, alcohol and sexual abuse.

There are likely to be debates about the problems of such, and the statistical numbers surrounding these issues. The same combination can highlight innovative thinking, robust investment in things that improve the life style and advanced ideas for physical exercise/therapy/weight management.

Louisiana-This combination tends to place a lot of emphasis upon proper social interaction, protocols, etiquette, manners and such. Appearance is especially important. There is a sort of collective objective of the collective to become a perfect society and representative of culture. There can be a contribution to clothing, fashion and apparel styles and industry. The drama of this way of society lends itself to theater and entertainment.Unfortunately anything within such a community that does not fit can be ignored, denied and viciously accused.

There is a strong possibility of sub cultures and counter cultures springing up that can be angry and disruptive to the charm of the social persona. Issues having to do with civil rights and women’s rights might be hotly debated in such a climate. Such a setting can foster far reaching and utopian ideas that can take hold over time and impact the future.

Maine-Since its beginning the USA has been a land of dreams and opportunities, and many of the states reflect that in their numbers. That includes Maine. There is a struggle with the public image seeking opportunities and indication of deep fears in the collective psyche of the state. The social structure can easily get up tight and regulations may be stiff and hardnosed. This is another combination that suggests a survival mentality and persona that is not so easy to play and be merry.

On one side is the golly gee optimism and on the other an element of deep mistrust and defensiveness toward strangers and the new and unknown. There are some deep secrets and dubious actions veiled behind closed doors. A take care of our own mentality and serious approach to life does yield a sense of security and comfort. A little more let loose and let live might invite some surprising contributions and innovation from the often secluded state.

Maryland-Here is yet another state with an ingrained sense of optimism and pent up energy crying out to express ideas and philosophies of an altruistic and peaceful world. The emphasis of the collective is a reasoned approach to solutions and attempt to keep unbridled and careless emotions contained. Sometimes this intellectual and mental detachment hides the concern of wild impulses and scandal getting out of control. Periodically this force builds up and something big and embarrassing occurs.

There is a certain philosophical base from which come some practical remedies and valuable procedures of administration and leadership that can be passed on to other bodies of legislature and administration. And, so too are occasional slip ups that provide lessons about what not to do and how to be more wary of possible misleading hip and misappropriation. There is much grand standing and role playing in the public arena,

Massachusetts-There is a dynamic energy from this combination that puts the state into the forefront of public attention more frequently than many of the others. This can be for better or worse. Energy builds up anc comes in dramtic spurts of accomplishment and recognition, followed by disturbances and unrest. A lot of events here stand out and get extra attention from afar.

There is a dance between the strong willed, big egos, bombastic personalities and a welfare mentality of governing and legislation that wants to direct what is best and implement programs giving the state control. The result can be simmering resentment that may manifest in, say, a lot of road rage incidents and explosive public demonstration. Another positive outlet for pent up emotions can be dramatic and talented production of arts and entertainment.

Michigan-This combination suggests a lot of pride, individual effort, and doing things in a big and broad manner. There can be periodic conflicts with anticipation of the sublime and the reality of the moment. Subject to fluctuations of the market and economy and changing trends, there is an element of uncertainty that prevails. Tension can arise with attempts to restrain and control the sense of freedom with complicated and restrictive laws and legislation.

There is such a difference of expression that power struggles are likely to occur between controlling organizations. Riots, turf wars and may periodically occur from the build up of tension between competing interest groups. When dreams and individual expression is allowed to flourish and encouraged, big inventions and startling new ideas of progress can emerge from this collective.

Minnesota-When times are good and things go well this can be an environment of fun, flourish and playful delight. There is a desire for things to come easy and take life with whistle and a hop. The combination is more susceptible to social and economic fluctuations that some of the other states, and so there can be an underlying uneasiness among the populations as to what will come next. Appearance is important and it is not easy to admit troubles when harsh realities occur.

When matters of state are not going well there can be a tendency toward escapism and unhealthy indulgences. Matters of faith and philosophy are taken seriously and can lead to squabbles over formulations and differences of dogma and belief. Expression through the arts and outlets of exercise are popular for releasing some of the collective angst that can arise within this collective of people. Alternative sources of income are attractive within this community.

Mississippi-This is a combination that suggests hard nosed foot to the ground, often stubborn determination to get things done. There are strong differences among the population and potential for volatile disagreements arising over issues and philosophy of state. Once policy is conducted it is not easy to alter the pride of perception that this is the “right’ way, even when things do not work out well. The community will go through many mood swings and wide variances of reaction to events of state.

There is a fierce potential for defiance among the population, and a leave me alone attitude toward officiating and bureaucracy. There is an ongoing battle to maintain things as they are, and to reach a dream of a more perfect and peaceful society. There is much poetical for social reformation and clues to a better world and more desirable way of governing and the administration of public institutions..

Missouri-This is a combination that indicates deep emotional ties and fluctuations in the states due course of events. There is much to do with human struggle, suffering and suffrage. Faith and devotion likely runs deep in the population, and there can be differences of allegiances that cause conflict among the population. Out of this mix of motives comes a kind of compromising mentality as a way of getting along and trying make best for all concerned.

Emotional numbers relate to water in the physical domain and water, water rights and liquids are likely to be important in the development and commerce of the state. The emotional combinations indicated can bring out the best of a population, and can invite exploitive personalities and adventurers. When collective emotions become repressed and denied, dark and devious characteristics can crop up and taint the good intentions with underhanded behaviors and distrust.

Montana-This is a most mixed up set of numbers that suggests it is not easy for this population to find any consensus as to what direction to take or how to best focus the energy for the sake of the state. It is another collective that attracts people getting away from somewhere else to get a new start and put the past (usually not so favorable) behind. There is the suggestion of resistance to restrictions and legal restraints. The combination invites speculation and often brings the unexpected.

This is a combination that can be explosive. On a physical level, that might suggest mining earth activities. On an emotional level this can lead to conflicts large and domestic. On a mental level that can mean a clash of ideas and differing viewpoints of life. It can also be related to eureka moments and breakthroughs of grand and transformational concepts. You just never know what might come out of this place.

Nebraska-This combination suggests a lot of self containment and caution that spreads through the population. A more conservative and level headed attitude toward matters would appear likely as a theme for approaching life. A sense of courage is implied that gives the collective strength and fortitude when times get difficult and things go bad. This is a hard working and industrious group and the state most likely maintains a more even economic ledger when others fluctuate and struggle.

In therapy there is a phrase used describing inhibited or repressed people who tend to “stuff their feelings”. In a numerical way this might be a state whose population tends to ‘stuff their feelings’. You may here we can work through it. Or no need to over analyze it, “let’s just get going”. The act of keeping matters within can also manifest in the coming forth of grand EUREKA moments of realization and discovery!

Nevada-The combinations here suggest a tendency to allow for unique forms of business and imagination in commerce. There is a curiosity about exploring and experimenting to the fullest the limits of human experience. A kind of free for all potential that is to be tested and tried by those who so choose. This is mixed with an element of reserve and let’s exam just what it is we are doing and be aware of the consequences. Big dreams and big things can happen here.

This kind of environment attracts the type of people who doubt, flaunt and exploit the social status quo and traditional norms associated with a civilized society. While at the same time there is a strong segment wanting to rope in the free livers and maintain a staid image of tranquility and community harmony. You can find what you want or hide from what you fear with some sense of haven.

New Hampshire-There can be an underlying philosophy here that hard work and no nonsense will get you the things you want from life. For the most part a sense of seriousness is built into the core of the population.
There can be a concerted effort to stay true to strict social protocol with resistance to reforms and alterations. This can lend itself to formation of sectors of radicalism and potential revolt of minority interests. Appearance is important and the image of the state can be given much effort.

There is a longing for the staid and safe in life which if carried too far can be stifling and stuffy. In moderation this formulation can lead to a more stable economic and social base. The downside is holding onto established practices and not foreseeing the changes in markets and commercial trade. It offers good advice in manners of pragmatism and practicality in matters of life and civil evolution.

New Jersey-Among other things, this combination suggests a population that can be both uptight and outspoken at the same time. A tendency of the citizenry might be quick to give opinion and advice, while not dealing well with their own personal issues. This can be an entertaining collective, and at times most clever and ornate in approach to enterprise. Big business can thrive and less than upright business can thrive right alongside.

A kind of dichotomy of faith, conflict between different cultures and very strong attachment to social roots can make for a dynamic bled of diversity, as well as, a simmering pot of social unrest that can flash up and turn ugly. There is an attempt to discourage such developments with very detailed and complicated legislative tracts which end up micro managing and more often than not creating more antagonism.

New Mexico-In what might appear to be an isolated and desolate environment lies the basis of all kinds of far out, exotic, and adventurous events of life. Expect the unexpected and explore the unlikely in this crazy collection of souls. This could translate into exotic research and investigation of the unusual. For the most part the population does not like to be tied down by convention nor bothered by bureaucracy.

Contemporary thinking, arts and innovation are stirred by this combination. It can also be indicative of hiding some deep and dark secrets of fringe forms of living and alternative technologies that might alter human evolution. Attempts to reign in the quest for the beyond can result in tension between the state and the people and have troubling impact upon the state of the people.

New York-This combination often attracts people who might have had hardships before and see an opportunity for a new start. There is an element of glamor, glitz and letting go to live life abundantly. There is a dreamy and optimistic tone about it and a lot of energy for imagination, entertainment, creativity and artistic expression. There is room for big dreams and big disappointments, with a kind of potentially explosive underbelly.

Underneath the dreams are schemes and the parasites who feed off of others good intentions. Hidden secrets and criminal activity can flourish with prostitution, sex trafficking, pedophilia high on the list of probable hidden activities. The downside is a heavy dose of collective emotional escapism. The upside is the possibility of marvelous contributions to the artistic and imaginative side of human endeavors.

North Carolina-Strong family ties, nostalgia and connection to the land run through the veins of much of the population. There is a kind of down to earth wit, wisdom and potential for some good humor. Hard work and honest effort will get you success and the prosperity you dream of. Sometimes idealism and stubborn adherence to old traditions can lead to hurtful misapplication and misuse of the law. Once the work is done there is plenty of room for play in this population.

Every person and every institution or collective of people has its own dysfunction. There is an inclination here toward abuse and harsh use of the law and legal implementation. There are some who wish to take it into their own hands. The cycles incline toward leniency and then to much justice. There is the potential for revelation of enlightened rules and guidelines for administration and governing.

North Dakota-This is a combination of independent, risky and hardnosed living. There can be a lot of speculation, power plays and bar room bargaining. The population values being industrious and succeeding through applied effort and fair dealing. There is suggestion of reliance upon resources, trade and attention to quality. The numbers indicate the rise and fall of powerful egos, loud campaigning and a flair for the dramatic.

There is a lot of untapped resources and potential power wrapped up in this often overlooked northern state. As the process of homogenizing society intensifies the free spirited and outdoorsy people here may just be a source of inspiration for maintaining freedom and independence of living. Or, will the, I can take care of myself, attitude give way to the national welfare trend of take care of me, please.

Ohio-This combination suggests patience, articulation and proper protocol on the way to building a good solid foundation for commerce, Industry and natural products. With some smooth talking and good negotiators there are many opportunities suggested for developing yur own venture. This suggests for the most part a friendly and industrious population that takes pride in detail, getting along and doing things well.

There is a mixture of culture, creativity and usually friendly competition among the mixture of nationalities and cultures that live there. Every group has its other side, and pride and desire for power can cause the bending of rules and clash of purposes. Articulation can lead to too much euphemism and exaggeration. There is appreciation of study, learning and the practical application of knowledge.

Oklahoma-Slow and steady gets the job done, and boy do we know how to celebrate when the work is done. This combination likes challenges and dislikes boundaries, limitations and unfair restrictions. There is a risk taking attitude among the population, and more often than not successful results. Earn your way and be fair in dealings is suggested by this grouping of numbers. Hope springs eternal and at times the community may not want to see flaws in the system.

The down side of combination is the possibility of excess, extravagance, grandiosity and arrogant disregard for the rights of all by leaders and administrators. There can be back room dealings where policies are railroaded through and nothing need be said to the constituents. In all these people seem to do well with the resources they have and are willing to share the concepts and ideas that have worked well for them.

Oregon-Appear to speak modestly and carry a convincing stick, might be a subtle modus operandi that permeates the states collective demeanor. There is an air of optimism, opportunity and the means of schooling to get you where you want to be in life.
There is the suggestion of a wide variety of options and creative possibilities for pursuit. It is important to put on the right face and present the right impression to others.

On the downside is a tendency to present an outward appearance of harmony and cooperation among the population that masks a kind of cultural smugness and undercurrents of tension between different cultures and classes. The struggles of power politics can become more like a dramatic soap opera than the mob like bravado that is frequently associated with political and administrative in fighting.

Pennsylvania-This combination has all the characteristics of a serious and hardworking attitude with a kind of attempted containment of a bursting brashness of frivolity and gusto. The combination is favorable to commerce and industry and expansion of large controlling businesses along with diverse smaller entrepreneurs. This is a pattern of a collective group achieving a generally comfortable way of life and placing a lot of energy upon stability and maintenance of a comfortable living.

The intention of the collective is to give opportunity to all within its boundaries. However, in practice there can be hidden codes and unspoken regulations to contain certain classes and groups. There can be ongoing posturing of different power groups to maintain control and leadership. Much of this activity can be behind the scenes and under the table so as not to disturb the populace.

Rhode Island-Potentially scholarly, outspoken and independent of will, would be some basic characteristics of this population. There is a high minded intent and desire to live righteously and rightly. The numbers suggest attention to education and communications will be an important element of this culture. There is a sometimes quiet quest to improve the human condition and render care that can help others to help themselves.

This combination attracts powerful and potent personalities of many persuasions. This can lead to much infighting and contesting of issues. One of many down sides of powerful personalities is the belief they are above the law or they make their own. These are often to the detriment of many and benefit to them. There is a potential to offer advanced concepts of building cultural harmony of living for all.

South Carolina- Once settled in this can be a good environment for unique entrepreneurial businesses and service oriented commercial enterprise. The mixture of time and cultures makes for interesting blends in entertainment, hand crafted goods and eclectic small business ventures. There is sort of an unspoken ethic of staying busy with work in order not to get caught up in stressful socio/emotional issues buzzing around the community.

This is a somewhat numerologically complex combination that has many ramifications and no easy descriptive terms. One could say it is like looking at an experiment in sociology. There is the suggestion of ongoing struggles between class, racial diversity and nuances of cultures. An air of victimhood lingers close by and there is much maneuvering for power, participation and positioning among the diverse groups within the state line.

South Dakota--This combination can find the population caught in the differences of aspiration, idealization and frustration. The stress and imagination can lead to a knack for adaptation and adjustment to changing economic and social conditions. There is a mixture of survival instinct and attunement to market trends and attracting consumers.

There is the suggestion of a aesthetic element that creates interest and mystique about the state.
For the most part the numbers suggest a hardy, generally optimistic and ambitious thread running through the collective fabric. There is a collective sense of anticipation of both prosperity or calamity, and a readiness to face either with determination. The presence of so many power numbers can lead to intense differences in direction and policy.

Tennessee-There is an atmosphere of seeking an idyllic traditional life style which is to mirror the respected social priorities of the day. The pressure for conformity can result in the formation of counter culture factions stirring up fanfare and attention for their cause. The mood can fluctuate from pensive, proud and perfunctory to audacious, bold and sassy. Sometimes out of this kind of tension comes ennobled and ground breaking policies that have impact upon the entire nation.

The interaction of these numbers leads to some conflicts of duality and inconsistencies of policy, direction and purpose. On many occasions there can be two (or more) very differing group opinions on matters that can make for confusing compromises. The population can be alternately cautious, curious, bold, detached and alarmed in perplexing cycles.

Texas-These are numbers of big dreams and a lot of emotion behind its endeavors. The emotional numbers relate to liquids, so things like fishing, water rights, and oil will be significant. The state is big and they make the best of advertising that. So, too, there is a large element of grandiosity and pride in the numbers that suggests wanting to be biggest and best and fist. In the diversity of the population there can be undercurrents of tension between cultures and heritage.

The mixture of a lot of idealism and bravado can lead to excessive and abuse practices. There is the probability of a pool of political pollution that can emerge with this combination. Events that come out of here can have a profound emotional impact upon the nation, as well as the local population. The policies and ministrations germinated here can influence beyond its borders.

Utah-The numbers here suggest the potential for inspiration, dedication and perspiration. The underlying belief is one of hard work and strength of will can get you through most challenges and bring you the rewards of life. There is an energy that gets directly to the point and gets things done. Delays can come when strong egos and personalities lock horns in tests of will. For the most part it is a live hard, play hard, get what you can out of life mentality.

The variety and uniqueness of the state attracts tourists and fun seekers who can enjoy the bountiful natural and human developed choices of experience. There is a lot of raw energy and strange activities going on beneath the socially and politically correct demeanor. On the plus side are explorations of more healthy ways of living, exercising and diet that can turn into an inspiration for many.

Vermont-This is a combination where it is easy to get along, work industriously, prosper and settle into a comfortable life mode. There is the suggestion of a quiet collective social demeanor with a leaning toward caretaking, welfare and state subsidizing of the traditionally supported groups. A sort of wishful utopian myopia can lead to a collective belief that things are better than what reality is saying. At the same time is the potential to manifest forward thinking and alternative ways to improve the collective way of life.

Underneath a relatively wealthy and confortable constituency is the likely activity of diverse small but ardent subculture and counter culture groups. The complexity of the numbers suggests many people looking to get their fingers in the prosperous pot. This can lead to carelessness in policies and leave the door open to misuse of funds and projects. Imagination and clever observations can lead to practical inventiveness and successful innovations.

Virginia- This population can place pride in intellectual development, research, prosperity and social management among many choices. There is an attraction here to people seeking upward mobility with the tendency for a lot of play acting and games that go with the hunt. There are many paths to success and power for those who play the power game. There is an art of celebration and many diverse ways to experience fun and pleasure after a hard day of achievement.

Among other things this is a combination of drama, powers plays and potential one uppityness running through the veins of much of this constituency. With access to many major players in the corporate and political sectors, there are many avenues available for those seeking gain in the related professions and commercial outlets. There is a suggestion of academic emphasis and a trend toward technology and research.

Washington-There is a little bit of old and new, tradition and transformation. Things may not work out the way as expected, but can often lead to something more desirable than expected. There is the suggestion of a mix between industry and labor, take care of myself and welfare. People will come here from somewhere that things just did not work out, and take advantage of new doors that open. Opportunity and/or calamity can erupt at any moment.

Family values, ecology, and issues of human concern run deep in the heart of this population along with elements of subcultures that take the fringe and push the limits rich mixture of numbers suggest something for anyone and everyone. The power numbers are here to encourage ideas and social advancements that can be expanded to touch a larger expanse of humanity.

West Virginia-There is the hint here of a longing for greatness and recognition for grand accomplishments and contributions to humanity. There is the hint that such grand may more often than not delayed by sacrifice and unforeseen setbacks that take the state by surprise. This is an emotionally based population that can marshal immediate and ardent response to major issues that arise.

There is a hint of an aesthetic and almost ethereal quality to her beauty and presence.
The numbers lean toward attention to human rights, suffrage, welfare, ecology and improving the general human condition. With so many emotional numbers water rights and access can be a concern. In general these are people people and will open their doors to share the bountifulness of the state with other. Tourism, arts, and a touch of entertainment are wasys that they can share their space with others.

Wisconsin-There are indicators suggesting that power, industry, finance and politics will be enduring, and reoccurring, issues coming out of this population? There can be reforms, commerce and concern for the collective that sometimes mean conflict among factions of interest groups. In general this suggests an industrious and prosperous environment. There is the potential to be a leader in exploring different political and social platforms.

The widely divergent philosophies of corporate and industrial gain and worker pain can result in considerable attention being given to caretaking and compensation to the little person. Also a tension can arise between the hard working and independent and the welfare mentality. Where politics, power and large finance thrive, the potential for greed and misuse of power and funds is close at hand. And, economically balanced and positive human potential programs can evolve.

Wyoming-The public image of this wild west cowboy state just might overlook a population that has more sophistication, natural and learned wisdom and far sighted imagination than a casual observation might reveal. The potent and potentially dynamic geological region may just also nurture a potent and powerfully imaginative people. There is both a survival instinct and inner verve for life that can manifest in inspirational new ways of living and evolving.There is an inking here of a last frontier and the making for a peak at the first frontier of evolving social and human growth.

The inhabitants may just want to protect and hold on to what they have, and may contribute to coming social readjustments ahead. Wyomingites may at times become frustrated being on the bottom of the alphabetical list. However, thy have a possibility of being at the top of enterprising and surprising positive changes to come.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.