The tourism is one of the biggest sectors that contributes to any nation's economy. Chengdu, is one of the major cities in China, and it is a booming tourist destination as Chengdu tourism witnesses hundreds of visitors every year. The Chengdu is the sub-provincial city that is the capital of Chinese province Sichuan. It is amongst the 3 most populated cities in the region of western China. According to one of the recent studies in 2020, Chengdu was ranked 43rd in the index of global financial centers of the world. Chengdu is one of the unique cities in China as it has retained its unchanged name through different eras of republic, imperial and communist and one of the reasons why Chengdu travel remains popular amongst the tourists. You can visit here for complete information on Chengdu tours.

At the time of World War 2, the refugees from the east side of China, which were fleeing from Japan, settled down in Chengdu. Post war Chengdu became even more important as it served the link between western and eastern China, connecting through railways that were built in the year 1952. During 1960s, Chengdu became a significant epicenter of the national defense industry in China. Today Chengdu is one of the most significant financial, economic, commercial, communication, transportation and cultural centers in the western part of China. The economy of Chengdu is very diverse, which is characterized by automobile, machinery, food, and information technology and medicine industries. has valuable information about all things related to Chengdu tourism.

Understanding tourism in Chengdu

As a tourist if you are planning the Chengdu tour in China then there are so many different things to look forward to. From the vibrant and rich culture to places of historical and aesthetic beauty, from rich palette of food to exotic locations, you can find it all in the city of Chengdu.

When it comes to Chengdu food, you can find a varied range of cuisine that caters to different tastes and rich cuisines. If you are planning to eat some good food in the city then there are some very locations, spots and restaurants where you can find some of the best food in the country. Some of the best places for finding the most brilliant delicacies are as follows.

Kuixinglou Street, Mao Jiao Huo La, Chi Shi Fengle and Chengdu Hao Chi Ke amongst others are some of the best destinations and restaurants having delicious food in Chengdu. Let us have a look at one of these restaurants in more detail.

Chengdu Hao Chi Ke: This is one of the most popular restaurants in Chengdu for having rich cuisine and delicious food. The red chilli is one of the specialties or special ingredients in their dishes. The roasted fish fillet is a signature dish at this restaurant and is extremely popular amongst the visitors as it is boneless. Another favorite dish is Spicy clams that are served with the wasabi sauce. If you are in Chengdu then you must definitely check out this restaurant.

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