When it comes to towing a car or a trailer, one needs to be well aware of the tips associated with it. You need to balance the weight of the towing vehicle as well as the things or vehicles that needs to be towed. In order to make you aware of such safety tips, this article has enlisted several rules associated with the car towing safety. Keep reading to know more:

  • At first you must look out for the towing rules:
  • The vehicle that is being towed has to have the sign that has written ‘On Tow’. This sign preferably must be placed at the back of the vehicle. 
  • When the vehicle is being towed, whether via the chains or attached via the ropes, then the distance that is allowed between the vehicles should be at least 4 to 5 meters.
  • In case you have a broken car, then you or any person in the broken vehicle must be a qualified driver.
  • Even though the vehicle must be towed then also you have to keep the lights of the broken car as it normally is under normal circumstances. It is quite crucial and must be kept in mind that even though the car is not functional but then also the headlights must be kept on as normally it would have been.
  • The above were the general safety tips that must be followed but in reality there are numerous tips for the driver of the towing vehicle. Have a look at these safety considerations for the towing car driver in Melbourne:
  • The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the speed of your towing vehicle. Its speed must not exceed 15 to 20 mph even in the normal circumstances. It is very important to keep the vehicle in a slow and steady speed.
  • In case you want to pull over gently then make sure to make use of the clutch as this will prevent the rope from suddenly yanking on to the towing vehicle. Additionally you must avoid applying fast and sudden brake as the towed driver might not be able to react suddenly to the sudden halt. 
  • The following are the tips that are considered with the safety of the towed driver:
  • Make sure the ignition switch is in the ‘ON’ position and make sure to disengage the steering look so that it becomes easier to steer the broken car.
  • You ought to stay alert and vigilant even though you are being towed! Stay as alert as you are while driving your car.

Now once you are aware of the safety tips to be followed then you must look for a towing car dealer in Melbourne who is both reputed and trustworthy. If you had a vehicle breakdown then you must look for a towing service that offers both towing as well as temporary repairs of the broken car. Make sure to check their certifications and license before signing nay contract. Do not forget to check for an insurance coverage as your broken car still has a lot of worth!

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The author is a staunch dealer of towing cars. The author follows all safety considerations when it comes to the towing of vehicles.