You know, sometimes we put too much trust in BIG industry when it comes to public safety. You’ve probably heard all of the hype about the cancer-causing chemicals in the products we use each and every day. If not, you definitely need to pay attention! This is why I make my own and encourage others to do the same. If you are unable to do so, buy wholesome products from a company you trust. Some small businesses will even custom formulate items for you.

In the new world of GMO foods and cancer-causing personal care products being safe is extremely important. Have you ever tried reading the labels on your shampoo? What is all of that stuff the average person can’t even pronounce? Look how loooooong the ingredient list is. Do you really want all of that junk seeping into your skin and into your bloodstream? What about your baby’s precious little body?

Who knew that something that seems as simplistic and wholesome as baby shampoo can be toxic?

Why isn’t this information all over our big TV screens denouncing the slow poisoning of American babies?

Even the big companies formulate differently in other countries than they do here in the USA because of bans and more strict regulations. You would think these billion dollar companies could take it upon themselves to produce ethical products for all and not ignore the dangers of their hazardous products to save a few dollars on their bottom line.

But, you know what else? Even some of the more natural soaps and shampoos on the market aren’t all that wholesome either.

My advice? Know exactly what the ingredients are on each and every label on every item you purchase. I bet it won’t be as easy as you may first think it will be.

For more information, read the following article and do your own research:

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