From the beginning of our childhood- we are planted with seeds in our conscious. These seeds are the messages on love, romance, and relationships love addicts (and all of society) have been consistently bombarded with- that feed the DELUSION of addictive relationships. These fabricated seeds are the misconceptions of love- and are in our culture through movies, music, novels, soap operas, media, and magazines. Taking these dysfunctional messages as truth and attempting to live them out- often leads to pain and frustration- and lead to toxic love addicted relationships.

Here is a list of some misconceptions (societal messages) we commonly get bombarded with through advertisements, movies, novels, magazines, and music - See if you notice any that you have thought to be true regarding romantic love:

 Love and Romance conquers all

 Once I find the “Right Partner”, I will be happy

 Love is to give up a part of yourself

 Sex is what love is all about

 Intense chemistry is a requirement for true love

 If there are issues in a relationship, it means it isn’t the right relationship

 If we disagree or have conflict, something is wrong with the relationship

 A love relationship should never be boring

 Even if he/she abuses me. I know he/she still loves me

 If were in love, we shouldn’t have any attraction to others

 You should always feel good with your partner

 Infatuation, Obsession is real love

 If you don’t feel physically attracted immediately, it is not meant to be

 To love someone, is to do anything, say anything,or be anything for him or her

 You “need” a love relationship in your life

 If the sex is great, it is meant to be

 Love is unconditional

 In love, you need to feel passion all the time

 Life will be perfect when you find your true love

 If you just care enough, love enough, and give enough, you will be loved back as equally

 If love isn’t in your life- if you are without a partner, something must be wrong with you

In order to live a life of freedom and abundance, love addicts need to learn and practice the nature of healthy, functional, and realistic love- and obliterate the fantasized messages (lies) from societal messages. Love Addicts can choose NOT to continue painful dependency. The love addict can have the freedom and power of real authentic love.

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