As the mainland market is evolving rapidly, mainland consumers are more aware of the importance of toy product design and safety, so local toy makers have no choice but creating their own brands.

China local toy makers should undertake business transformation from original equipment manufacturer to original design manufacturing when the competition is becoming more intensified.

While some local toy makers lack of funds to transform the mode and they are still making low-end toy products which can not make good profit.

Many toy makers gathered in the Pearl River Delta region and they claimed that they are facing rising labor cost, which constrained the reform and upgrade.

It is estimated that the industry is worried that orders placed with local toy manufacturers in the first quarter of 2012 may slump by as much as 10 percent as current toy inventories in the US and European markets are relatively high.

The sluggish demand coincides with skyrocketing operating costs for toy makers who are facing problems in three aspects: implementation of the minimum wage in the Pearl River Delta region, the appreciation of the yuan and the payment of social security benefits.

There are some marketing channels for toy makers to consider, they can go online for sale, no matter in B2B mode in wholesale or B2C mode for retail.

They can also attend trade show or import and export fair to present products to customers and obtain orders.

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