Wright captured the cute minute of her baby girl's landmark on Tuesday, Jan. 22, just a couple of weeks before her first birthday. Also Toya Wright has a new announcement Toya Wright Calls All Mommys To Weight No More for the walk enthusiasts.

"Look who's walking. #justintimeforherbirthday #reignsturning1 #11monthsold," Wright wrote on her post.

From the movie, infant Reign seems to take a couple of steps out of Wright's bedroom to another room just before dropping her balance. Wright, who could not have been more of a parent at the moment, lets out a joyous laugh in the background and exclaims,"She is walking!"

The cute video of the 11-month-old's milepost sent social media into overdrive.

One fan wrote,"Omg I have followed her travel since day one ❤️.

Another added,"Congratulations mom milestones are excellent Rainy is really valuable! Yay!"

A third remarked,"Omg my favorite baby is walking I love her @toyawright ❤."

Wright, the ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne, welcomed baby Reign into the planet on Feb. 8, 2018, at 7 pounds, 7 oz with her husband Robert"Red" Rushing.

Wright and Rushing allegedly got hitched at a private service, the whereabouts and date of which have yet to be verified. On the other hand, the couple and their baby girl traveled to Mykonos, an island in Greece, approximately October 5, 2018. Wright held a live session Instagram during her holiday in Greece when a friend of hers randomly cried,"Toya getting' married." The star deleted off the video her Instagram Live several moments later.

Wright's storyline centered on her being a new mum to her 11-month-old while still hoping to guide her 20-year-old daughter. The show also shed light on Wright's several business ventures, like her mommy-and-daughter bonnet collection known as"Before Bed Headz" and her journey as a published author of books"Priceless Inspiration" and"How To eliminate A Husband."

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