It is the 7th of January 2016 and the New Year has already started with a bang, literally.
We had the audacity to leave our home on a short holiday for a couple of days to visit friends during the Christmas period, only to have to rush back because our geyser had exploded and our flat was flooded. As I write this article, my home looks like a war zone. But I am not worried because I have an eerie detachment from the physical chaos.

We knew that something was up on the way to Ceres. We saw at least 15 hawks flying that day, a sign of adventure, vision and according to the website: “the wisdom that comes from seeing reality from a higher perspective”.
When we got the news, we had a strange feeling of excitement and exhilaration in our hearts so we knew that this disaster was actually an opportunity to renew and rebuild, as well as to clear and start again at more than one level.
I wasn’t really surprised as that morning I asked Spirit for an upgrade although I didn’t specify what kind of upgrade! However, I asked with so much passion and I so now that our physical reality mirrors our inner world... that I have a knowing that my strong focus finally released this chain of events. I couldn’t say that my prayer hadn’t been answered!
When I looked at my alarm clock that morning and saw it was 6:06, my lucky number, I knew that something was up. I normally see this number when new clients call or I receive abundance in one way or another.
And when we received the call that evening from the caretaker of the building asking us to hurry home because there was water pouring out of the flat, it was 6:06!
The Universe doesn’t mince its words!

Immediately as I saw the damaged, among the buckets of water we were clearing out that evening, I thought that it was strange that mainly the North part of the flat was flooded while the kitchen, main bedroom, living room and small toilet were spared. In fact, even our Christmas presents under the tree were spared! I thanked Spirit for being so merciful. This would have ruined my daughter’s Christmas (and mine!).
So I searched for Feng Shui and the meaning of North and what I found was amazing. It said that when there has been a traumatic event in a home and the inhabitants have been grieving (which in fact did happen in September 2013 as we were hit by a massive family drama and we had been grieving heavily), when pipes leak or a geyser bursts it is a case of the house crying through a sudden leak as a type of “clean up due to a lot of intention for a revitalized and energized home. In this circumstance, the house literally breaks at the weakest links all at once. It appears to be a bad thing but it is actually good because the house literally gives up its weaknesses all at once. And once they are fixed, it retains a much stronger hold on the good or vital chi that you have intended to hold for a much longer time”.
The truth shook me. This was the excitement and exhilaration that we were sensing in our hearts. And everyone around us was so worried about us but we are functioning just right as we understand that this is a process of cleansing (from a higher perspective). Agreed, not pleasant and maybe even inconvenient, but the Universe doesn’t care about that!

I had been wanting to go for a body cleanse and general upgrade of my body for a while and now I got the hint: it was time. I had a strong intuition to search in the internet. The first website that appeared was
I read about it and I knew it was the one. Thank you Spirit for your efficiency! I was obviously ready.
I didn’t hesitate: I organised a visit in two days’ time; that was today.
When I arrived at the 7th floor of The Point Centre in Sea Point where the therapy rooms are, I was stricken by the most stunning view of the sea. The sun was shining and the sea was so blue; it was a wonderfully relaxing and calming environment.
After the initial registration process and chat, I underwent a Scenar therapy session and felt energy moving very strongly from my waist down, all in the lower part of my body, where I instinctively knew that I had a blockage (root chakra with issues of survival, abundance, grounding).
I had just been offered a new job in a progressive tutoring academy and was very excited. Today it was my second day and it was part of all the new beginning that I was undergoing. I could feel that my body, the same as my house, was ready for clearing old patterns, stagnated thought-forms and emotional attachments. It all added up. And although I have received innumerable energy healing sessions and attunements so I am used to feeling energy moving through my body, there was something that I had never felt before: there was a very strong energy going through my thigh bones, as if reinforcing them. It was unmistakable. I was so surprised that I went home and started to research.

Firstly, I looked for Bemer and Scenar Therapies, some of the ones conducted in the centre. In the website: I found that Bemer therapies are used for “wound healing, increased performance and regeneration”. The therapy itself is a “multi-dimensional signal structure that effectively stimulates restricted or impaired microcirculation”.
It was funny because that morning I had asked Spirit for help with micro-nutrition and this seemed close enough!

Then I looked for Scenar Therapy, the session that I had experienced, and found amazing information in the website
Developed as a “secret Soviet space program [...] to keep the astronauts in top form and not making use of standard medicines – one universal, non-invasive regulator of body functions”, Scenar technology came into mainstream with the breakdown of the URSS.
“Based on the principle of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and zonal contact massage and the achievements of modern electrotherapy” Scenar combines the “most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East”.

The basis of this successful healing modality is that there is a close connection and interaction between the nervous and endocrine systems. There is also a strong connection between the human skin and the inner organs through the nervous system. The electro-impulses effected by the Scenar machine “resemble the biological bio-currents [...] without disturbance to cell functions”.
Since there is a “maximal part of the nervous tissue is activated [...] huge amounts of neuropeptides, like endorphins, are excreted from the C-fibres of the nervous system (as their channels are easily opened) spreading all over the body in a quick way. Neuropeptides are the natural medicine for all pathological processes in the human body”.

In my metaphysics master thesis a few years before I wrote on the subject: “The Nervous System – A Pathway to Spiritual Awareness” in an article published in my book “Advanced Healing: Energy Discussions for Leading Light-workers”. Link:
In this article, I discussed the question: Would healing the nervous system make a difference in how we perceive our reality? And the answer that I found at the time was in the work called Pathways for Healing, programs and training in energy work with Carol DeSanto and Jim Kepner (Nervous System Energy Work or NSEW), it is understood that “The nervous system as the most direct carrier of subtle energy in the body. The nervous system as a magnificent system of subtle energy which nourishes and clears our cells, organs and body systems, and enhances vitality and self-awareness. As the nervous system is also the carrier of conscious awareness in the body, NSEW is often experienced as having immediate and palpable effects on the body and enhances our body awareness. […] In addition to being an effective system of energetic healing, NSEW links together the nervous system with the chakra system, helping our access to profound states and levels of consciousness, and offers a detailed approach to fostering spiritual development and inner balance”.
“Nervous System Energy Work starts from the understanding that the human nervous system, in addition to its physiological function, is also a magnificent system for distributing subtle energy in the body. This energetic flow through the nervous system nourishes and clears our cells, organs and body systems, and enhances our vitality and self-awareness”.

This amazing quote brought up for me then the connection between spiritual development and the healing of the nervous system. The discussion continues in my book in more detail. Also, there is much more scientific information in the scenar-revenko website. I have just summarized the most practical and intelligible points for the busy reader.

After the session I felt energised, cleared-minded and with a sharp focused almost instantaneously. In fact, I am writing this article just after the session even thought I thought I might want to go to bed and sleep! Better than any alcohol or drugs (just joking as I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs; so what do I know?).

Going back to my thigh bones, I researched about the spiritual meaning of femur, and in a website called I found the answer I was looking for: the bones in the bible are symbols of truth and the opposite of falsity. It came to mind a study I did when I was drafting my book The Liberation Diet (which is still not finished) about the terrible state of peoples’ bones and the widespread epidemic of osteoporosis as a reflection of a pervasive lack of integrity in society, and I am not referring to the obvious lying or cheating we are subject to, but to not living one’s truth or, as I call it, living with untruths (false realities that we don’t acknowledge but which are the base on which we construct our lives).
My whole existence is focused into integrating my energies (hence the word integrity) and in helping others with the integration of their consciousness as a way to find truth. I face my own self-deception and superficiality head on before I dare guide others and in that, I am like a hawk myself. I fly over my boundaries to check whether anyone is attempting to manipulate me into giving them my energy and I keep myself under check so that I do not do anything for the wrong reasons. Hard work but really worth it in the long term.

In this website, strong bones are considered a symbol of a watered garden, which is understood as the “own understanding or enlightenment through intelligence”. And the femur in particular is a symbol of “strength, power, support and regeneration”. All the realities I am currently integrating.
What caught my eye is that my body responded so fast and powerfully to the focus of my mind via the link of a strong intuition and a one single-session with Linda, the Scenar practitioner of
If the reader is not inclined to do Reiki, Craneo-sacral therapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a myriad of other spiritual energy healing modalities today in the market (I will be happy to give you my insights into any of the above) because of either a lack of believe in them or any other reason, I would advise him or her to visit Linda in a prevention is better than cure approach to health.
I sense and intuitively know (perhaps an oxymoron?) that this modality is powerful. The mind can be calmed by grasping all the technology behind it and the body will be empowered by allowing its own healing abilities to be awakened.

As I write this, I am in blissful peace as I finally see right in front of my eyes that my two long decades waiting for the physical world to marry its metaphysical counterpart at the same level of reality has just arrived in my life. The time is just right. Isn’t it exciting?

By Dr. Ana Garcia PhD, DTM.
January’ 2016

Author's Bio: 

Dr Ana is a Communications Specialist with a Master’s degree in Education and Languages from her native Bilbao Teaching University (Spain), with qualifications in 4 languages (Spanish, English, Basque and French) and more than 10 years’ experience as a Languages Teacher in Spain (Basque Government) and South Africa (Lycée Français du Cap). Dr Ana is also one of the 7 founder teachers of S.A.V.S., the first South African Virtual School, providing Middle and High School American curriculum to South African and global students.

During her almost 2 decades living in the UK, she attained her Certificate of Management with the British Institute of Management as she worked through the corporate ladder and started her work as an author, coach, mentor and facilitator within the field of Integration of Consciousness and Human Potential.
On her arrival at Cape Town (South Africa), Dr Ana joined Toastmasters International, an organization focused on the fields of leadership and communication from which she holds their highest qualification: a DTM diploma (Distinguished Toastmaster). She received the Toastmaster of the Year Award 2009/2010 for “being a tremendous force within the entire toastmaster’s community”. During that time, Dr Ana wrote her Public Speaking and Presentations book: “Dr Ana’s Course in Public Speaking: Transformation through Self-Expression” based on her remarkable growth within the organization.

Dr Ana has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences (PhD) specializing in Transpersonal Counselling (integration of higher consciousness in the counselling process). She is also a Reiki Master and a Coach U CTP graduated Life and Business Coach.