As you are fully aware being attentive and conscious of what you are digesting, how much you are digesting and your energy output are an imperative keys toward your success when traveling down your road of weight loss and weight maintenance. At any given point in your future your stellar performance will depend on your ability to track your input and output of calories.

So what to do and how to be sensible when it comes to focusing on your consumption of calories is what we will discuss today. Being that we are following a lifestyle that is sensible and realistic asking you to count every calorie and document every morsel isn’t very practical or reasonable. In a perfect world where everything is “just so” we would all, 24/7, document our every crumb and scrap of food that we intake; however, that is totally absurd to expect anyone to do all the time. Here’s what you can do to help you be aware of what you are taking in:

~Measure out portions of foods and snacks in serving size allotments to enable you to grab-n-go or be ready and willing when the time strikes. This endeavor will make you aware of exactly how much your serving size should be and provide clarity on the appropriate amount.

~Take one day a week to journal the foods and beverages that you partake in. You can choose the same day each week or change it up. The point of the activity is to become accountable for your choices and aware of your actions. You can record your selections in whatever is convenient: a journal, on a computer, cell phone, scrap paper or dry erase board.

~Take photos of your food platter before you participate in your meal or snack. If you are a visual person and adore looking at pictures this may be a wonderful tracking mode for you to try on a weekly basis. You can collect the photos on your digital camera or cellular phone and review them at the end of your tracking day.

~A voice recording is another way to keep tabs of your assortments of cuisine. Speaking into your cellular phone or hand held recorder allows you to verbally document your rations and review them at a later hour in your day.

The bottom line to which ever activity you choose to participate in is that it aids in your ability to further educate yourself on the topic of food choice awareness and portion size allotment, both of which are crucial on your journey toward a lighter you. The ability to reflect on your pickings is priceless.

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