Trading crude oil online has potentially created one of the most profitable financial markets worldwide. As noticed, over the past few years, the trade has significantly increased in popularity. Various investors around the world have regarded this platform as one of the noble means of getting richer quickly without struggling a lot. It is currently popular with all kinds of investors and speculators. There are a number of factors that explains this trend. Crude oil has rear features that make it attractable to many investors. Such elements include abundance, easy transportation, and high energy density among others. These features give substantial volatility to its trading. In actual sense investors enjoy many opportunities due to these features.


1. High Profitability Levels

You enjoy greater chance to make huge profits by trading crude oil. It is a very lucrative investment option that most people still are unaware of as at to date. It is very easy to make thousands of cash in just a few transactions. In addition, you can do this with very little investment as compared to stock market. It is possible for the price to change substantially in a very short time enabling you to make huge profits.

2. 24 Hour Trading

Just like with Forex trading, this market offers round-the-clock trading opportunities. The only thing you need is a reliable internet connection. Any person can trade at any given time in any locality without any difficulty. The service if offered on a 24-hour basis daily.

3. Leverage

You enjoy a remarkable level of leveraging by trading crude oil. However, there is not standard level of leverage. Most brokerage companies, usually Forex offers different levels of leverage which may depend on the size of account your hold. Leverage is beneficial because you get the opportunity to us little funds to trade high worth values.

4. Easy Trading Concept

You don’t have to learn the hard jargons to trade crude oil online. The process uses a similar trading concept to Forex trading. Once you have mustered the concept of online Forex trading, you are set to go with this type of trading. It saves a lot to get help from your Forex trader or other experienced traders. It is very easy to get started with this type of trading unlike in other financial markets.

5. High Liquidity Internationally

Trading crude oil offers very high liquidity value worldwide. Oil is one of the most liquid investments available currently. This is due to the high volumes of trade experienced every day. You can convert all your investments into cash easily at any time anywhere in the world.


1. High Volatility

This is a very volatile investment option. It is difficult to predict precisely the extent to which oil prices can be within a few hours. Additionally, changes in the value of crude oil happen more rapid than experienced with equities or currencies.

2. Sensitivity To Several Factors

Crude oil prices are very sensitive to a wide range of factors. There are many factors that influence this sensitivity. This in turn contributes to its high volatility. Elements that can influence the price for crude oil are natural disaster, political instability wars, major news, and currencies among other factors.

3. Threats From Substitutes

Several companies, governments and world organizations are searching for alternative sources to crude oil. New options are coming up such as green energy. These alternatives have greater impact on the oil prices.


Investing in petroleum can be greatly profitable. The investment opportunities offered by trading crude oil are great and have proved very profitable. Actually this is one of the investment strategies that allow you to make huge cash without sweating. However, just like Forex trading, the risks involved are great. It is pretty wise to understand the market very well before you start trading crude oil. It is essential that anyone willing to trade should know and understand the risks involved in this trade.

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