“Trading for a living” is the ultimate dream of all trader wannabes out there. They read (or listen to) the hype, then enter the world of forex trading with all that unrealistic hopes and expectations. Of course, 90% of them get crushed immediately, the rest are learning to accept the hard fact and continue their effort to get better at it. A few manage to achieve the professional trader level, others got stuck and decide to drop the idea of living by trading currencies.

Is it actually that tough to support yourself by trading forex? Well, it depends. It is only tough when you have unrealistic expectations such as getting rich in a single day or becoming a millionaire with USD15 investment. Prepare yourself well and it will get a lot easier. These are what you need to assume when you’re attempting to make forex trading as your primary income source:

You can't avoid loss trades

You’ll have loss trades. It's unavoidable and you’ll experience it sooner or later. We’re coping with the most unpredictable market on the planet, thus if you came across somebody who claims to have a 100% no-loss trading system, it will be one of the following:
- The course will tell you to hedge, which most of the time isn't a really good idea.
- He'll advise you to simply wait until the price gets back. While you can do this in stock market, doing this sort of thing in forex trading is purely suicide, particularly when you’re trading with borrowed margin.

Do not expect to win every time you enter a position. This is another good reason to apply good risk management and money management to reduce the risk from loss trades. A great trading system will give you reasonable profit by the end of the month, but you’ll still have a few loss trades in the process.

You’ll have to keep learning

You discovered a trading system that created by a well-known trader and a lot of people are recommending this system. You can find a lot of positive customer feedbacks from successful members. You check out a great deal of reviews and read the program details thoroughly. You’re absolutely sure that this program can change your life.

It turned out that it doesn’t. You've got streams of loss trades. All your analyses went wrong. Is it a scam program? Perhaps it is, but first you need to understand that each person with different circumstances will have distinct result. Needless to say, there are also differences in basic skills, how much resources that can be allocated, and how far you’re prepared to go to improve.

Every trader has his own specialty. Probably scalping is too nerve-racking for you. Perhaps your trading style is more suitable for long term trading. Either way, don’t quit and keep learning. Employing a practice account is the best way to do this. You could test various strategies in an actual market condition and apply the one which works to your live account.

Losing and learning are part of the game if you really want to get better in trading forex. If you can accept these facts, living by trading currencies is not an unattainable dream anymore.

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