Sending your teenager daughter or son for education in a boarding is a huge decision for any parent to make, so being well informed is crucial.

Religious versus traditional boarding school
Religious boarding schools emphasises a lot on spiritual approach, which is ideal for teen coming from Christian homes. Alternatively, tradition boarding schools offer discipline, structure and non-religious morals and principles.

Signs your teen might need Christian boarding school
• Teen defies you often, which can cause stress and tension.
• Teenager’s actions put them or your family in danger.
• Behaviour change is obvious when compared to their past.
• Making suicide threats openly or in obscure remarks.
• Profound rebellion towards home rules and faith.
• Displays unashamed disrespect for feelings of family members, their possessions or their time.
• Finds ways to sneak and hang out with friends living self-destructive lifestyle, even buying their destructive behaviours and attitude.

How Christian boarding school can help?
Christian boarding school runs spiritual programs including therapeutic elements. So they accept teenagers having behavioural issues or struggling academically. Traditional boarding schools enrol teens already performing well, academically. Their programs are designed to offer them competitive edge.

If your kid is going astray from the path of faith then at Christian boarding school, they will certainly get their life back on track. Surrounded by fellow students struggling with similar issues will make them realize the importance of change. In addition, they will feel at home as well as supported in efforts made to change themselves.

Other boarding schools don’t approve troubled teenagers. Even if some do they don’t work explicitly with troubled teenagers. Consequently, your teen kid will be surrounded with untroubled teens, which can promote the feeling of alienation. This similar unfriendly feeling rooted behavioural problems, initially.

How Christian boarding school academic program style helps?
The difference between boarding school and local school is added discipline and structure. These aspects are crucial for troubled teenagers. The curriculum at traditional boarding school is material and directs most teens towards intellectualism instead of spirituality. In these circumstances, even religious children sometimes go off track.

Christian boarding schools offer tailored education to their students. Majority of programs are accredited individually as they are designed specially to suit teen Christian girl or boy, even those having behavioural issues. Academic programs are taught from Christian perception in a technology-driven classroom allowing the students to learn at their own speed.

Academics are not the sole purpose in these programs. Academics are a part of complete whole including therapeutic practices, behavioural changes, and scriptures. It allows students to develop faith as well as gain education and change their harmful habits.
Christian boarding school prepares teens for life
Besides academics, discipleship, and character building, Christian boarding school programs encourage students to take part in different service projects. They gain practical life lessons through mission programs visiting less fortunate areas, offering practical aid and Gospel teaching.

These helpful activities can turn out to be profound life-changing moments. Going out and taking care of unfortunate ones without any hope of returns, teenagers learn faith, humility and compassion towards others.
The kind of boarding school to choose depends on the teenager’s behaviour and spirituality.

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