Traditional website creation using HTML is beginning to fall by the way-side as WordPress is becoming the popular and most cost effective way to create a professional webpage that will get your business noticed.

Creating an effective site for your business is important to your overall success. Your company site has the potential to create business or steer business away. If your site is not professional or doesn't speak to the right audience; is outdated or cannot be found on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, it may be difficult to keep up with your competition and will therefore be a detriment to your business success.

Websites have traditionally been created using HTML code. Whether you choose to hire an expensive Web Master to construct web pages for you or if you have chosen to create one on your own, HTML is costly and extremely time consuming.

Thankfully, WordPress allows users to create blogs that can also be used as full functioning and attractive websites. These sites are cleverly called blogsites and are easy to create, easy to maintain and are very SEO friendly.

There are several benefits to creating a website using a blog hosting program. Benefits include:

Having a Blog and Website Rolled into One

Creating a website using a blog hosting program such as WordPress allows users to create typical web pages including About Us, Contact Us, Services etc., providing the benefits of a website and blog in one. Blog websites have the same features as websites and can offer hundreds of free tools not otherwise offered through typical website creation.

No Separate Blog Required

A lot of businesses are creating blogs as part of their Internet marketing campaign, and creating a website using a blog hosting program takes away the extra step of creating a separate blog and website. It is an all in one business tool.

Google Loves Blogs

Your WordPress site will rank high on Google because large search engines give precedence to blogs. It typically takes six to eight weeks for Google to locate and rank a regular website; however a blogsite will be picked up and ranked within days, saving you time and providing you with more opportunity to market your product or service.

Web Update Freedom

Blog websites provide users with the freedom to update and add content themselves. Many Web Masters require additional payment for updating and if you can update yourself, the HTML codes are confusing and require time to learn.

Free Updates and Plugins

Plugins are often provided free with WordPress, therefore adding functionality to your site is easy! Plugins, or accessories, can include: online polls, social networking links, email newsletter signup, YouTube videos and much more. Plugins will enhance site functionality and help you achieve better SEO results.

You can update your Site Anywhere!

Typical HTML websites require a special program to update information and this in turn ties you to your Web Master or home computer. Using a blog hosting program however allows you to update your information from anywhere in the world.

Blogsites allow you to take charge of your own website and create and update as you wish. HTML doesn't provide the same freedom and can cost you a lot of money to create a website that can attract traffic and create clients.

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