Whenever we hear the word dream it automatically appears to us as something that is huge and impossible to achieve. But we do see people achieving their goals, becoming successful and living their life to the fullest. So how do they make it possible? Well, it’s all about training your mind, believing in yourself and the fact that one can manifest anything in life if we have the willingness to achieve it. Today, let’s unravel the pathway to make our dreams come true by training our brain for success.

1. Write down your Dreams

Our brain needs clarity before it looks for motivation to do something. There are times when we just wish for things but we are never able to make out what we exactly want in life and what not. So to achieve that clarity, take a piece of paper and write down all your goals. This task would allow you to develop strategies or your plan of action. You can also associate a strong ‘why’ with your goals and eliminate those that do not seem worth enough to you.

2. Small Steps Every Day

It can be a lot overwhelming if you are planning to start everything at once. Incorporating new habits, writing a book, starting a side hustle or learning a new skill is not a one day job. Hence it is crucial that you divide your goals into small actionable chunks that you can accomplish every day. These small wins every day will keep you motivated for the next task, they would keep you intrigued about learning more, achieving more and becoming more. Also, it would give you time to relax, replenish and begin again with enthusiasm even if you fail.

3. Visualize Your Goals

Do you know that our thoughts can create our reality? So if you start visualizing your goals it is likely that you are going to achieve them too. Our brain cannot differentiate between what our eyes see and what we are just visualizing. It only relates to the emotions associated with them hence if you visualize your goals your brain gets accustomed to these emotions and processes as it is happening in reality. Also, visualization allows you to remain motivated and prevents you from losing focus.

4. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Life is not always about coincidences. If you do not believe in your dreams, visualizing them and eventually achieving them would be impossible. There are times when we think that we do not deserve what we want or we feel that if we cannot put in the work that it takes to achieve a goal. All these are our limiting beliefs that restrict us from making our dreams come true. Hence if you want to train your brain for success strengthen your belief system, eliminate out what stops you.

5. Build a Supportive Environment

What surrounds you always plays a major role in making you do the work and achieve your goals. Studies have shown that if we make choices that support our dreams it is likely that we will act upon them. For instance, if one of your goals is to read a book a month, keep one book handy so that you always have access to it and can read it whenever you get time. Similarly, if your aim is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle chose fruits over soda. Give whatever you can to your dreams, whether it is your passion, choices, beliefs, and enthusiasm.

6. Reward Yourself

A little praise can keep you going through the long pathway towards your goals. So celebrate every win and pat yourself for coming out of your comfort zone and achieving that target. Take a while to express your gratitude towards what you have right now, look back from where you started and how have you evolved into a better person. Moreover, it gives you time to replenish yourself, take a break and recharge you for the next step. As you would know when to reward yourself you would get aware of your true potential, evaluate how much you have achieved and how better you can perform the next time.

Learn through the Journey! Your journey to achieve your goals is no less than an adventure. The realization of actually achieving your goals would just last for a moment however, the emotions that you went through, the discoveries you made, the fears you faced and the experience you gained would always remain with you. There is nothing fruitful in being harsh on you, in taking the stress and pushing yourself way too much to get there. Perseverance is the key to success! Try out these tactics and train your brain for the best.

Author: Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of an online tutoring platform for students.

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Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of CrunchGrade, an online tutoring platform for Math, English, Science & many more subjects. It is his passion and vision to incorporate technology with education to help students not just thrive but excel through e-learning mediums and tools. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy. His website :