This pandemic has taken a toll on just about everybody. Truly, the only people that haven’t felt the effects of social distancing and all of the shutdowns are people who never went out and did anything anyway. We’re not judging anybody who chooses to live such an insular lifestyle, as it takes different people to make the world go around. In fact, it’s safe to say that we envy homebodies right now, because they are already predisposed to the lifestyle we’re all having to live!

But, what about athletes? People training for a triathlon have running, biking, etc. in their blood, and they will actually suffer from emotional degradation if they can’t get their exercise and their thrill of competition. It’s part of their genetic makeup. So, what would one do about triathlon training plans during this pandemic?

Can modern technology be a solution to developing a triathlon training plan, much as the Internet has been helpful for so many other needs during this trying era? Yes, though it takes a little bit more finesse and ingenuity than certain other things.

Today, were going to talk a little bit about how to work out decent triathlon training plans, and how the Internet can make it safe to pursue this during such dangerous times. Do expect there to be a little bit of loss of efficiency during this transition, and a definite sacrifice on the intimate and social aspect, but oh well, it’s better than nothing, that’s for darn sure.

Training Apps

Running clubs famously have been making use of apps for their clubs, and so have cyclists. These simple apps simply help compare biometric data from smart watches, through phones, and match these up through virtual racing scenarios. This allows competitive training, without anyone having to be present at the same place, or even having to perform at the same time.

While there are many dedicated triathlon training apps, cycling and running club apps can be employed just as readily, or you can just spend about 40 bucks to have one of your tech savvy athletes develop the app for you in a matter of days or less.

Safe Venues for Training

You may be apprehensive about going out to train, and we applied over caution over foolishness. However, you’ve got a get out there and training, so you need to run, bike etc. Well, if you pick residential streets, nature trails, or parks, you’re still safe. These are not heavy traffic areas, and the virus only spreads through direct contact or excessively close quarters.

So, you actually have more flexibility when coming up with s triathlon training plan when you’re using this technology. You can actually schedule every body based on their needs, and you don’t have to worry about getting everyone together at a certain venue, etc.

This may actually be the best way to train, even after the pandemic has passed. At that point, a weekly get-together should still be done to ensure the camaraderie and togetherness of your team, but the lack of difficult schedule and logistics involved in remote training will do wonderful things in the years to come.

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