Are you struggling with building your network? Do you find your hands tied? This is not really a matter of not being able to manage your time well. You could be facing these difficulties because your downlines are not helping you build the network. In this short training in MLM, I will be running through a few reasons why you should train your downlines. By the end of this article I hope you will have a better understanding of how you can manage them better, so without further ado, let us get started!

Allow me to begin with a simple illustration. Suppose you are tasked to complete a certain project. You are working alone, so you have to get everything done on your own. Imagine how much time and effort that is going to take up. Now imagine how things would change if you had a team of three other members helping you out. You as the team leader would then be able to delegate tasks to your other members. Now, each member can cover 25% of the workload to achieve 100% completion of the task. This is basically how network marketing is meant to work.

Give your downlines regular training in MLM, because by doing so, you can work efficiently when it comes to building your network.  You can spend your time doing other stuff such as recruiting more downlines since you have “delegated” part of the workload to your downlines. This beats having to build your downlines’ networks as well as your own simultaneously. More on that in just a bit.

The reason why you can “delegate” part of the workload to your downlines is because they should have learnt to be independent and responsible for building their own network. In essence, this is a win-win situation. When your downlines learn how to recruit their own downlines into their individual networks, this benefits not just you because you are their upline, but it also benefits them because it is their own network they are building. Your downlines will in turn bring the people under them for training in MLM, and train them to be independent as well. The cycle continues. This is a great way to build a team of competent and outstanding network marketers. Talk about team spirit!

With that I hope you now have a better understanding on why you should regularly give your downlines training in MLM. They are the main reason for how much income you are earning, so train them well!

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