If you wish to become a very large muscular man who can lift huge amounts of weight then you should be training your core regularly and with high intensity. To be able to lift large amounts of weight you have to have a very strong core. When you have a strong core and you can lift heavy weights then you can gain alot of muscle mass.
If you do not have a strong core you cannot possibly use 100% of your
potential power! With a weak core you probably are only using 60-70% of your potential strength. Why limit yourself?
So What is this thing they call "the core"?
The parts of the core include: the rectus abdominis, the obliques, the back extensors, the lower head of the latisimus dorsi, spinal muscles, transverse abdominis, glutes. All parts of the core work together to fix the human body in space and movement. The core works all day long even when you are just only standing up.
Examples of Movements To Train Your Core Strength =
If you want to gain maximum muscle size and make your Growth Hormone increase then you better be incorporating deadlifts, squats and powercleans into your workout routines! The main bodypart worked when doing these lifts is the legs but alot of emphasis is still placed on your core.
Other more advanced exercises for training core strength include:
One Leg Barbell Squat and Front Squats.
If you are training for a specific sport you are engaging in then you will need alot of core strength. Core strength increases the amount of movement you can perform and it makes you more stable and gives you greater balance. When you are under alot of pressure doing a compounde exercise with alot of weight the force can be passed down to less strong body parts.
Conclusion: Over the history of working out and bodybuilding the vast
majority of the time when someone experiences an injury it is down to your weak core strength. Especially when it comes down to the back and knees. The reason for the injury is because of a quick change in direction that is not expected by your body. So it's time to stop holding your hands on your hips and start training your core strength so that you can lift more, get bigger and progress to whatever bodybuilding/ workout goals you are trying to achieve in your life.

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