Traits of a Good Father

The wisest man to have ever lived once said that the glory of sons is their fathers. We all have memories of our fathers from our childhood. Some of us have pleasant memories while others have painful memories that create a wound in a child’s heart, whether intentionally or unintentionally. No matter what your experience was, you can create a better experience for your children. There are 8 principles that relate to good fathering, and they are:

1. Being imitable: children will imitate for good or for bad; not just in what you say but in what you do – leading by example
2. Having a certain set of values and principles that you will never compromise, regardless of enticements that may come: children like a father who’s predictable; principles also help making decisions easy
3. Offering correction: this is not to be confused with punishment; children need guidance and direction; correction is like coaching or mentoring that translate into love and concern
4. Being a provider: every true father has a desire to give to his children because it delights his heart when his children receive gifts
5. Being a plan: children will have needs and desires in the future and their fathers need to think ahead; consider investments, trusts, musical and athletic camps or classes
6. Being proud of your children: children need affirmation and acceptance; they need and want to know that they’re pleasing their fathers; children feel invincible when their fathers outwardly express how proud they are in them
7. Being personal: children need someone they can trust, relate to, and talk with; fathers must be able to express emotions to their children in a balanced and healthy way so that their children will know how to express their emotions as they grow up
8. Having a vision and purpose: children find security in a father who’s focused and has a clear purpose in life; children interpret purpose as a clear, well-thought out destiny or goal and future for the family

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