Garment racks have a whole lot of uses for both home and retail stores. They may be helpful to store excess inventory, hang jackets when entertaining, or perhaps to suspend washed scuba gear to dry! You have numerous reasons to purchase a garment rack, and fortunately, you have a selection of choices of styles and brands to choose from. However, the quality of garment racks are built in different ways too. Learn more about the characteristics to choose a top quality garment rack.

Let's talk about portability. A garment rack that has wheels or casters will add both versatility and portability to the performance of any type of rack. The garment rack must move easily across various kinds of flooring even if it is packed down with stuff. Also, you may be interested in a garment rack which provides non-marking wheels. The non-marking wheels are great for moving the garment rack across floors that easily scratch like hardwood floors. Another excellent feature you may enjoy is a garment rack that will have brakes for the wheels to hold the rack in position, and also to prevent the rack from moving all-around especially when you use it to store items.

Next is durability. The finest garment racks really should store items weighing between 150 to 400 pounds when they are constructed of superior materials. These kinds of racks are generally labeled as heavy duty or commercial grade racks. Make sure you glance at the bow when it's holding it's maximum capacity to see if it is bowing or not. Look for a quality made base to prevent tipping.

Versatility. The option to add elective accessories is yet another characteristic of a high-quality garment rack, and it demonstrates it's flexibility. Extension rods that can be placed on each side of the bar to double or triple the load are frequently essential during peak sales seasons. Racks can be placed on the base or over the rod to keep smaller items that cannot be hung. Another feature that's great to have are height extenders that allows a person to hang floor length dresses without having them touch the floor or for other purposes. For example, amateur photographers often use racks with height extenders to hold backdrops.

Space Saving Ability. Garment racks must fold to store out of the way when not in use. A particular garment rack called the Z rack, enables the user to push together a number of racks to lessen the amount of floor area it takes up when not in use. In the same way, there are many different types of racks on the market that will collapse down for better storage solutions.

These are a number of the characteristics to search for when researching garment racks. There are a lot of different styles, sizes and colors to pick from that will hold their weight every single day, year in year out. As with most matters in life, you receive what you pay for. It is generally beneficial for you to pay a little bit more for a superior quality garment rack that's intended to last. You will get much more use out of it than you would otherwise.

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