New Human Cybernetics

All life and business could be described as a series of Transactions where the one offers and the other receives.

When both mutually benefit as a result of the transaction (whether the transaction was intended or not, whether verbal, written or unspoken but sensed) then the transaction may be said to be satisfactorily completed.

Where such a transaction is not to the mutual benefit of either party then the transaction may be said to have failed and a hindrance to the desired outcome of the failed transaction occurs.

Imagine how many transactions are entered into every second within any business organisation and also the magnitude of the effect on the bottom line if only 5% of all in house transactions failed each day.

Folks in high office and leading organisations have a huge burden of responsibility to attend to the quality of transactions igniting every second within the many teams of people under their care.

Sadly the vast majority of folk charged with such a duty of care are blissfully unaware of the requirement of them to nurture quality transactions in house across all staffing levels and with their internal/external, client/customer base.

This is because they are usually fire fighting the crisis of the day which probably had its origins in a series of what appeared to be at the time inconsequential failed transactions.

Most senior executives allow themselves to be distracted from their true job role and function within their organisation and are totally consumed with managing OUTPUTS from their areas of responsibility.

This results in their making decisions based on historical events which have passed and can not be altered no matter how much energy they waste on their futile attempts to change the historical happenings.

What they should be doing is managing the INPUTS and ensuring that quality communications and genuine worthwhile and positive transactions are igniting all over their domain.

Devoting time, effort and money into improving the quality of day to day transactions will return huge benefits to all concerned and add substantially to the bottom line.

NHC shows you how to harness the awesome power of positive and successful transactions and the galvanising effect for positive progress this brings to bear on the whole corporate structure.

Author's Bio: 

I have been involved in sales, sales management, sales and management training, marketing and human resources for over 35 years. An Applied Human Cybernetics practitioner I am able to deliver specially crafted NON FISCAL courses for all Genres of Business and Commerce applicable to any and all levels of staffing.

Personally I introduced, trained and established many individuals into the ranks of professional sales personnel. I also helped and supported the personal development of many hundreds of other sales and management personnel during that period.
Joining Abbey Life Assurance Direct Sales as a Salesman I later became the manager of the Manchester Branch and lead a team of 60 self employed sales professionals for 12 years.

The team had a high average and actual income level and the quality of business was the highest in the Company at 95% persistency.

I left Abbey to take up Regional Sales Director Posts with various Life Companies and ventured into private consultancy in the late 1990’s.

Since then I have specialised in business relationship, and management/leadership development and have a great deal of expertise with DISC based psychometric systems, having written the full textual reports for one such DISC based system for a Norwegian organisation.

Much of my recent consultancy work has been of a confidential mentoring nature with the owners of small to medium sized, private, closely held companies.

On a number of occasions, however, I have also been retained by multi-nationals to advise and train individuals in the theory and practical application of DISC based psychometric systems.

I have also conducted several training courses for and on behalf of another leading world class supplier of DISC based instruments.

I am the author of ‘Your Destiny Course’ which is the distilled essence of the life work of Doctor George Hall, who crafted Applied Human Cybernetics in the early 1970’s.

Early in the 1960’s Dr. Hall became associated with Dr. Maxwell Maltz and it was he who introduced Psycho-cybernetics to the United Kingdom on behalf of Dr. Maltz, teaching the subject to a large number of audiences.

Over time I have produced 'coverall' recruitment/selection and retention processes for client Companies specialising in devising selection processes designed to cut staff turnover and increase retention and to also improve human element effectiveness, right person/right job function.