Dear Friend,

... The feeling of insecurity can easily overwhelm us, especially when others treat us in a way we think, we don’t deserve.

When we feel insecure, we also create a lot of problems and suffering in our lives, as we don’t feel free, confident and strong to take the actions we need in order to live with joy and fulfilment.

We all know how when we meet some people and feel they are being too critical, negative or even ignorant towards us, we become self-critical and as a result - insecure. This is due to a perception of life we have at the time. Let’s say you see your old friend on the street and he ignores you.

When you feel confident and in a good mood, you just put it down to not seeing you, however when you are feeling insecure, your mind goes over and over that situation, looking for faults in you and your old friend. It makes you feel bad and so you lose your joy and inner peace.

We have all felt insecure at some time in our lives, including myself of course. The question is how can we effectively deal with this discouraging feeling and rise above, so that we can get back into our freedom and feeling of joy, strength, power, and confidence… Which connects us with the Universe, God or Source.

Today I’ll share with you some useful tips; you could use to transform feeling of insecurity into a feeling of natural self-confidence.

... We all are attracting what we are being or feeling and the best way to know what it is, is by paying attention on how we feel when we interact with other people. You may have heard before that people are like mirrors of our inner state of being and they reflect what we feel.

This is especially true; when it comes to the people we are very close to. Our state of being can change very often; it all depends on how we are managing ourselves.
It all depends of how and what we think most of the time, or in other words, what are our thought habits.

"Positive thinking" is something that doesn’t come to us naturally, it takes an effort to master it for most of us. So why do I talk about this? It is very important to understand, that we have power over our habits of thinking and so we also have power over insecurities.

When we feel vulnerable, discouraged and down, our perception changes and also our inner state of being will reflect this on the outside and through the people we interact with. More people all of a sudden will appear in our presence, which will confirm our insecurity. So in order to change the feeling, we can’t do this by changing the outside conditions or people, but rather go within and start changing our inner state of being. As you may know, we attract exactly what we feel.

So when we feel unworthy, are ignored, unloved or in other words not good enough, we must start looking within.

Now let’s go to the 2 STEPS to Transform Insecurity into Self-Confidence:

#1 Stepping into your Power.

So what is it stepping into your power? It is important at this point to take full responsibility of how you feel, without any blame on others. So how to go about it? Well… whatever happens from outside is an effect of something that has been going on inside, it is a law of nature. I’ve mentioned this law many times before, but it is important to remember.
When we look at any conditions or people we interact with, it has been brought to us through our vibration, or in other words through our beliefs. Our beliefs are formed by our dominant thoughts or thought habits
… We have the ability to choose what we think and so create different conditions. This is stepping into your power. Acknowledge that we can’t do anything about how other people act, behave or feel towards us, but through our constant effort of changing the habits of thinking we can then attract people that will act, behave and interact with us on the same POSITIVE level.
So now let’s go back at the example I mentioned earlier, where someone you know refused to acknowledge you and now you feel insecure.
First, in some way there was something that made you attract this person in the first place, or you wouldn’t meet. It is not bad to experience something like that, this only means that you now can look within and see what’s going on with your thinking and question, is there something now that you could change.
This is how people become our mirrors and reflect back to us exactly what we are feeling in a moment.

#2 Creating a list of “ideal feelings”.

We all need to be appreciated and loved. It is natural for every human being. However when we can’t find these feelings towards us first, it is truly impossible to believe that others will have these feelings towards us either.
It is hard when we feel insecure, however to get out of this we can’t focus on any thoughts that make us feel this way. You may know that what ever we focus on expands, and so in order to get rid of feelings that are not serving us, we have to replace with feelings that lift us up.
One of most powerful methods is to create a list of feelings that we think are our ideal. Imagine what kind of person you would become with a set of “ideal feelings”.
In other words every act is preceded by thought and your dominating thoughts will determine your dominating actions. The dominating actions will become your habits and so become part of your being and character.

This is how you can transform your habit of feeling insecure into a feeling of self-confidence, my friend.

This is a good time to use affirmations, map out the values you admire in a person the most and think, how the person with those values would act, behave and be, and so you follow that ideal in a real life.

Here are some affirmations you could use:

People really like me, and I like people too.
I see only the best in every person that I interact.
I see a lot of potential in others and me.
People are happy to see me every time.
I am love and approve of myself.
I enjoy seeing people.
I bring light and happiness to every conversation.
I am joyful and content.
I know who I am.
I am and I can.
I love people and people love me.
I like to meet people.
I am positive.

You can create your own list that would suit your situation, or pick out some affirmations from above.
However affirmations should be used with emotions attached to them, or they will not work.

It is not that easy to change your thought patterns, as our mind likes to follow the habits of thoughts that have already been created. However the mind is flexible and loves habits, so you can completely transform your feeling of insecurity by forming a new pattern of thought. You will fail to begin with, but you will succeed when persistently repeating and thinking the same positive thoughts.

Once you are clear of your "ideal thoughts" to replace your insecurity with optimism and self-confidence, keep practicing all the time, until it becomes your new habit and so part of your character my friend.
You are SO MUCH MORE than the mind can conceive ... never let your mind master you, you are the MASTER of your mind my friend and Life is here for you to enjoy.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Solvita Bennett at is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.