You can use this Butterfly Celebration Ritual to transform and realize your best self and life any time!

Though right now at the time of THE SCORPIO FULL MOON (May 14th) promises to have a tremendous force for transformation for everyone and you are probably already feeling its effects as it catalyzes change in your life.

Those of you with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Ascendant or personal planets in Scorpio will experience the most opportunity for release, change and growth.

You are at the end of a six month cycle of reinventing yourself and your life. Time for breakthrough and celebrating a time of completion and harvest!

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Full Moon Butterfly & Cutting Cords Rituals

Before performing your Butterfly Celebration Ritual you may wish to perform a Cutting Cords Ritual if you’re feeling blocked or restricted in some way from realizing your potential. The Cutting Cords ritual releases past hurts and sorrows from previous love connections whether a person or situation.

A Scorpio Full Moon is THE best for cutting cords and releasing past painful memories and associations and perfect for the Cutting Cords Ritual to release past painful memories and associations.

This is because at the time of a Scorpio Full Moon your subconscious mind and shadow tissue is closest to the surface of your consciousness and easier to access and release. Anything that’s been secret or hidden that’s held you back from moving forward in your life comes up to your awareness for release.

As the Scorpio Full Moon goes void of course exactly at the full moon the best time to perform your your Butterfly Celebration Ritual, or Cutting Cords Ritual followed by a Butterfly Celebration Ritual, is when the full moon enters the sign of Sagittarius later in the day on May 14th at 10:44pm PT until the moon goes void of course again on May 16th at :43am PT.

You may wish to allow a brief period of time to pass between the rituals if you’re performing both of them. Perhaps take a hot sea salt soak with cleansing pure essential oils.

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Call in your angels, spirit guides, ancestors and teachers to support and empower your ritual with the mystical power and light of the spiritual worlds. Surround yourself with loving and supportive energy.

What you will need:

Create an altar space upon which you place one or more white candles with symbols of people and things you love.

CLICK for Cutting Cords Ritual if you feel the need to release painful memories, ancestral patterns, recurring themes:

Butterful Celebration Ritual
Activates Dynamic Transformational Change & Healing

Take stock of how far you’ve come over your entire lifetime, then focus upon the past six months. It is a time to acknowledge how far you’ve come, where you are now and your long term future. See your life as a panoramic synthesis of events, unfolding perfectly and seamlessly.

Reflect, look back, honor and give thanks to all that has come to pass in your life. Feel genuine heartfelt gratitude for your life experiences. Embrace your past times with loved ones with an open, generous and loving heart.

Now look forward to the coming year and envision your future Self taking on new shape as you fulfill your Divine purpose.

Ask your future Self, “How will you have me change?”

Open yourself to wisdom and guidance of your future Self. Allow this time to be a free flowing exchange between you (now) and your future Self.

Affirm: “I am loved and supported. I fully embody my future self right now.”

Feel your future self and present self as one and the same, here and now.

After completing your Butterfly Celebration Ritual you may wish to write down your insights and any wise guidance you received from your future Self, as well as steps you must take to realize your future self.

Butterfuly Celebration Feast

Conclude your ritual by enjoying a feast of some of your favorite foods or doing those things you most love to do!

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Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected!


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