Transfiguring Future of Innovations
Innovation has always played a crucial part in enhancing the quality of businesses over the decades, becoming one of most mandatory factor for the growth of an organization. A true leader should ensure that the fire of crafting new innovations and spreading its significance among the employees must never be perished. To put such actions into practice, a term ‘Transformational Leadership’ was introduced.
The first thing that strikes to mind, after hearing such concept, is the urge of an individual, or commune to make a difference. If explained, it is a leadership style which portrays the ability of a leader to encourage, inspire, and motivate employees in order to innovate and shape the futurity of the business. The structure of such management style offers employees to be decisive, creative and self-aware of any volatile disruption. This lifts a strong sense of corporate culture, employee ownership and independency in the workplace.
Innovation itself describes the authenticity, thus, a leader should often emphasize on delivering a unique cooperative ideologies which also encourages other employees. Elon Musk—technology entrepreneur, investor, engineer, visionary and what not, has successfully gained the stature of this leadership style and is influencing the world through his work. Former HR head at SpaceX, express about Elon Musk, “The thing that makes Elon Elon is his ability to make people believe in his vision.” As exemplified through Elon, a transformational leader fosters an ethical work environment with clear vision, priorities and disruptive ideologies.
Such leaders have a keen perspective over the services, products and various processes. They brought a revolutionary and exemplary change in the customary way of businesses for the budding entrepreneurs, CEOs and professors.
CIO Look appreciates the contribution put forth by such transformational leaders and takes pride to feature such leaders in ‘Transformational CEOs 2019’ edition. These leaders are creating a dent in the universe by delivering disruption in the business world.

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