Inside our bodies reside precious creative jewels, miracles of transformation, of creation. These jewels are our Seven Chakras. Nowadays we are hearing and reading more about Chakras, but without a thorough understanding, it might simply sound like an esoteric word that might or might not have something to do with us.

Actually, we live in and from our Chakras every breathing moment. The word Chakra might be foreign, but our experience of these moving vortexes of energy in the the core of our torsos is intimately familiar. It is how we feel, perceive, and respond to life. Like our body, our Chakras are highly intricate and complex, and yet they are us! Our Chakras have an anatomy and a physiology, a way of functioning like our physical organs. In fact, you could say they are our spiritual energy organs that affect and govern our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and experiences of the world and of God.

Because there are already many excellent sources of basic information about the Chakras (I have made a list of recommendations of books at the end of this article), I am going to dive into my particular discoveries which reveal a profound way to heal our Core Wounds in and through the Chakras.

This healing path offers a profound and comprehensive way to heal the most stubborn and overwhelming issues of low self-esteem, self-doubt, addictions, self-sabotage, poverty, sexual problems, dysfunctional relationship patterns, spiritual skepticism, and more. When held, heard, and healed, these nagging issues become the prima materia, the substance through which we become and then express our unique creative individuality and purpose in the world.

In her groundbreaking work, French-Canadian author and healer, Lise Bourbeau, describes five human Core Wounds which shape our bodies and psyches. In my own healing work, I clearly see the profound effects of these five Core Wounds on people’s lives. I have also discovered two more Core Wounds and the direct correspondence of all the wounds with our seven Chakras.

The seven Core Wounds are as follows:
The Rejection Wound in the Root Chakra
The Abandonment Wound in the Sacral Chakra
The Humiliation Wound in the Solar Plexus Chakra
The Betrayal Wound in the Heart Chakra
The Injustice Wound in the Throat Chakra
The Ignorance or Confusion Wound in the Third Eye Chakra
The Doubt and Disconnection Wound in the Crown Chakra

From the time we are in utero and are developing our physical existence, we will already begin experiencing feelings, and later, events that open these Core Wounds, igniting a profound existential pain. This seemingly hopeless suffering as children causes us to construct layers of defenses known as our personality. Our personality is different from our true identity. Identity is our true nature, our unique soul essence. Personality is a layering of attitudes and behaviors based on defenses against the profound suffering of our Core Wounds. These defenses obstruct and distort the pure expression of our divine soul identity. This then distorts our experience and interpretation of reality causing a myriad of problems.

Depending on the severity of our Core Wounds, our personality will be more or less opaque. If there is less wounding, or more healing, our personality can allow our soul identity to shine through more. Ideally, and eventually through a comprehensive spiritual healing path, our personality becomes quite transparent to reveal our more vulnerable and yet truly powerful soul identity. But if our personality has many defenses, it creates a labyrinth of challenges and obstacles to move through. The labyrinth can be difficult, but it is not something bad. It is our great life adventure, our story, our way to learn, to grow, to evolve.

Even though it felt like people and events caused our wounds, they actually only catalyzed, awakened, or triggered them. We do not need to blame anyone for our deepest pain because these Core Wounds were already present when our soul came into our body. We chose to come into our family system to re-experience this particular suffering in this lifetime. We signed up for our unique life adventure to learn essential lessons for our soul’s evolution of consciousness. When we fully commit to the journey to heal our Seven Chakras, we eventually find the treasure of returning to the original joy and genius of our Divine Nature.

The reason to learn about your Core Wounds in your Chakras is to map the existential pain in your body in order to heal the wounds into their Divine State. In turn, the inherent Divine State in each Chakra is a natural antidote for each wound. When we get close to our Divine State, we begin to glow naturally from our soul identity, our true essence.

The Seven Divine States are as follows:
Trust and Abundance in the Root Chakra
Sacred Pleasure and Autonomy in the Sacral Chakra
Self-Love and Peaceful Radiance in the Solar Plexus Chakra
Forgiveness and Loving Equanimity in the Heart Chakra
Truth and Dignity in the Throat Chakra
Vision and Wisdom Consciousness in the Third Eye Chakra
Faith and Divine Connection in the Crown Chakra

The path from a Core Wound to a Divine State is a uniquely creative path for each individual, but there are some common elements shared by every human being. In upcoming articles, I will go more deeply into each Chakra, its Core Wound, and the Divine State. I will also share some specific practices so you can begin to identify, heal, and transform your Core Wounds into your most powerful and brilliant creative gems.©

Author's Bio: 

Jacyntha Kamor Taylor is an energy healer, spirituality and creativity coach, teacher, and writer working internationally with clients by phone and skype from her home in Hawaii.