Shall we get to the real secret of sleep? The things conventional medicine doesn’t talk about. Lets face it, insomnia is big business for doctors, therapists, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of over-the-counter pills and supplements, etc. There is pressure to sleep. We’re told that if we don’t get enough sleep we run a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, dying at an earlier age and so on. Who wants to read this stuff when you have insomnia every night?

I don’t talk medical. I’m not a doctor. I talk from 30 years of personal experience suffering from insomnia.

I’ve tried countless products and modalities to help me sleep including herbs, supplements, therapy, bodywork and even a custom sleep CD produced from my own brain waves. Some things helped but only on a temporary basis. Medications like Ambien knocked me out but it didn’t solve the problem. The fear, anxiety and worry persisted especially if I had an important meeting the next day or hadn’t slept for many nights. I dreaded going to sleep.

Through meditation and study I’ve come to recognize the deeper solution to insomnia; transforming the mind from a restless state to a restful state. Think about this – when we worry or get stressed about not sleeping it drains our energy and leaves us exhausted the next day. When we apply a peaceful mind to not sleeping we conserve energy and feel more rested in the morning. Rest is beneficial and not draining.

The key is to stop worrying about whether you’re going to sleep or not. Go to bed when you’re tired whatever time that is. Allow sleep to become a part of your wake/sleep cycle. Rest often. Relax into the feeling of being tired for it provides an opportunity to listen more and softens your perspective on life.

It's not easy. It’s a process that requires faith and a willingness to transform your beliefs and perceptions. It’s a shift in consciousness. It may take time yet it can happen in an instant.

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Joan Boccafola is a sleep enthusiast and the publisher of a new consumer website that explores sleep and insomnia from an alternative and light-hearted perspective. Features include products, videos, articles and sleep humor.