It's amazing just how much technology has transformed our every day living. I bet when early man invented fire he would have never imagined that one day someone would light the same fire remotely through their phones.
Yes, it's possible. And so are many other things thanks to the internet. Various smart devices have been developed over the years that have really simplified how we perform various tasks in our home. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or other similar devices.

For example, now you can control the temperature of your house from the comfort of your couch. You can simply turn on the heat if it's too cold through an app on your phone. This has been made possible by the smart thermostats.

How does it work Well, there are different types of Smart thermostats and each has its own unique functionality. However, the working principle is the same. The smart thermostat is connected to an app on your phone through the wifi. This app then gives you full access to the thermostat.

In case you have a routine schedule you can program the thermostat so that it heats and cools your house only at the specific times you are in the house. What's better is that the thermostat just maintains a comfortable temperature so there is no unnecessary use of energy.

Other capabilities of the smart thermostat include multi-room control, geofencing and hot water control. Multi-room control means you can control the temperature of different rooms separately. The geofencing feature allows the smart thermostat to track your movements in the house so that it can determine when it's necessary to heat or cool the house.

Some of the most common types of smart thermostats include Climote, Hive, Tado and Nest which is the most common and probably the smartest. It has the ability to learn your schedule. This means after a while it knows when to regulate the house temperature. It can also detect when there are no movements in the house and switch off.

Other Devices to Transform your House into a Smart Home

1.Voice Assistant: This is a program that has the ability to understand voice language. All you have to do is speak your command to your phone. The voice-controlled assistant then interprets and executes the command. Currently, you can choose between these three voice assistants. Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's assistant.

2.Smart Locks: It will be pretty hard for a burglar to break into your house if it can only be opened through your phone right? Smart locks are a great way to improve your home security. Once the smart locks have been installed you can then connect them to your phone and any other person's that's allowed to access your house.

3.Smart bulbs: You no longer need to fumble in the dark trying to locate your light switch. The smart bulbs can easily be switched on or off through your phone. You can actually set specific times when you want the lights on. "Switch lights off at 10 am". Some of these smart bulbs also allow you to change the colour and intensity of the light depending on the mood. For instance, you can dim them when watching a movie.

4.Smart Plugs: This is the perfect way to control all the electronics in your house. The television, kitchen appliances, iron, you can switch them on and off whenever. This works by fitting the plugs into your power outlets. The plug is then linked to an app on your phone via wifi. Therefore, in case you forget to switch off any of them you can easily do it from your office.

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