When it's my turn to make my transition from this world to the next, I want to be able to look back on my life and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. I refuse to go to my grave with my music still in me. I want my life to be an example to my children that anything is possible.

How about you? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? Will you look back on your life and feel empty? Will you look back with joy, and the pleasure of knowing you've reached your potential? Can you imagine the pleasure of fulfilling all of your dreams and successfully completing your life's journey without regrets? Focusing on sensible, compelling goals can help you realize your visions.

Your goals are your blueprints for the future. Goals are dreams about to be born. Goals are the ladders we climb to reach our vision of success. If you don't have goals, you end up working for someone who does have goals.

"We all have within us everything we need to achieve and generate successful, happy, healthy lives. We possess the ability to realize all of our dreams. These powers are now within your reach."

The only requirement to obtain this power is to take action and use it. The moment you tap the power available within you all of your goals will bow down to you. This is your birthright, so claim it now!

In 1953, Yale University conducted a study of their graduating seniors. The study determined that only 3% of the graduating class had clearly defined goals. Twenty years later, in 1973, the University did a follow up study with the same members of the class of 1953 and discovered that the same 3% who had clearly defined goals were more successful in life than the other 97% combined. This is an astonishing report which proves that to get ahead in life we must have goals.

The sad reality is that the average person spends more time planning their vacation than planning their lives. We spend more time planning the honeymoon than planning the marriage. The average American spends an average of seven hours a day watching TV or surfing the web. Worse, we play on Facebook all day using it as an escape from our unhappy reality and as a tool to create our own reality show. If we'd only spend as much time for creative thinking as we do on moronic texting, we'd see an unbelievable shift in our success rate.

We've all fallen into this deep trance and we spend most of our day caught up in the hypnosis of social conditioning. Is it any wonder why so few people succeed. We're too busy filling our minds with mental candy, instead of mental protein.

Goals are vitamins for your soul. It does not matter how small or large your goal may be. By following this 6-step formula, you will fulfill all your dreams and join the elite top 3%.

The 6 Step Goal Achievement Formula

1) You Must Know What You Want

This is the first major step in goal setting. You must know specifically what you want and you must write it down. You must also be able to state your goal or intention in one short sentence or less. If you cannot state your goal in one short sentence or less, then you do not have clear, concise goals. If your goals are not specific, you will design a hazy, sloppy future and condemn yourself to a life of mediocrity.

What specific outcomes do you desire? What is your end result? You cannot reach your goals unless you know what they are. You must have a specific target to aim at. One of the most popular weekend vacations is the famous "Cruise to nowhere." This cruise has a very specific destination. The passengers realize that they are going to "nowhere" and then they'll return. Even nowhere is somewhere if that is what you're aiming for. Knowing this, you must aim your mind at a specific target before your mind can hit the bulls eye.

Specifically write out all of your goals in a personal notebook, and review them constantly. For each of your goals, list at least ten benefits you will receive when the goal is accomplished. Then write out ten benefits for each of the first ten benefits. When you can do this, your desire will be super strong. Review these benefits for several minutes in the morning and several minutes before retiring. You will then be pounding these benefits into your subconscious mind. Remember: A goal properly set is halfway attained.

2) Design a Flexible Plan and Follow It.

The dictionary defines the word "plan" as a systematic method for accomplishing something. Planning is a tool that can help us to reach our goals. It is the vehicle that transports us from where we are to where we want to be. A good plan will keep you on course and shorten the road to your goal. I have made many mistakes in my life by not creating practical plans. I was under the impression that I just needed to have a goal and then everything else would effortlessly fall into place. I really fooled myself. Once you have a specific goal in mind that is backed with faith, your next step is to draw up a plan. Having a plan is a tool that will dramatically improve your success rate at goal achievement.

You will notice the more work you do, the more successful you become. Follow your plan exactly the way you designed it. If, during your journey, you decide to alter your plan, then do so. Flexibility is a key to success. The fact is that human beings are "goal seeking mechanisms." The excitement that pumps through your body when you are pursuing a worthwhile goal is exhilarating. That powerful energy keeps you alive and feeling young. As human beings, we are only truly happy when we are working towards the fulfillment of our desires. Happiness is a by-product of work and achievement. Begin working steadily toward your dreams, you'll be amazed how fast your ship will come in if you swim out to meet it.

3) Identify Any Obstacles and How to Avoid Them.

By reviewing, discovering or forecasting any obstacles you may encounter on the goal achievement road, you will be better prepared to avoid them. This is positive thinking at its finest and should require no further explanation.

4) Use Positive Affirmations Daily for Reinforcement Purposes.

Affirmations are a popular technique used for programming your subconscious mind. Affirmations are clear, concise, positive suggestions designed to influence your subconscious and create a specific outcome. While they do not replace the necessary physical work required while trying to reach a goal; they are very powerful tools that can keep your motivation & enthusiasm high. Affirmations have helped me to improve my attitude, improve my focus, and to reach many goals.

5) Keep Your Goals a Secret & Avoid Vampires

The easiest person to find on this Earth is someone who will tell you "You won't succeed, it can't be done or I tried that and it didn't work." Anyone who discourages you from your dreams I call a "vampire" or a "toxic person." These people drain your energy and enthusiasm by shedding negativity on your dreams. You'll be surprised how many people will be threatened by your success. It is written in the New Testament to "Go forth and tell no one" and "Do not tell your left hand what your right hand does." Whatever your religious beliefs, the wisdom in these writings clearly teaches us to Shut Up! Keep your dreams and goals a secret. Do not tell anyone what lies ahead in your future. Envy does strange things to people and as you climb the ladder of excellence, you will discover who your true friends are. Share your dreams and goals only with like-minded people.

"Share your dreams and goals only with people who will support and assist you. These people are success-minded and they will hold the ladder steady for you as you climb."

Surround yourself only with winners. Be like the customer who went into the restaurant and ordered lobster. When the waiter delivered the lobster to the table the customer noticed that the lobster's large front claw was missing. The customer asked, "What happened to this lobster's front claw?" The waiter responded, "He lost it in a fight." The customer demanded, "Bring me the winner! I'll only eat the winner!"

Like this customer, associate only with the winners. Keep your goals a secret. It is easier to attain the mastery level when you have positive support from others. As for the negative, sleazy vampires, let them see your dreams after they materialize, not before. I find it very interesting that most recently the world is so taken up with vampire movies and TV shows. Perhaps it's because it's something we subconsciously recognize about ourselves.

6) Persist, Persist & Never Give Up!

When you have faith and a positive mental attitude, you realize that a so called "failure" is only a different result or a delayed success. Failure is a very valuable lesson that teaches us to try a different road. Failure gives us the opportunity to alter our plans and to discover a better way. High achievers profit by their mistakes. When you study the lives of successful people you will discover they have dozens of failures in their portfolio. This would put you in good company. People on the road to excellence expect occasional setbacks yet they always pick themselves up - persist and keep dancing.

Persistence is what makes a person a winner. Persistence gives a person the power to hold on when the road is rough and the power to meet every obstacle, smile, and move on. Usually when defeat overtakes a person they will quickly retreat. This is one of the reasons why the bottom of the success ladder is very crowded. Success only releases its rewards and shines its beautiful face when a person refuses to quit. You must be willing to gamble all that you have to get through the door leading to victory. Persistence helps us to stack the odds in our favor. As you journey toward the realization of your dreams; make failure your teacher not your undertaker.

Remember: If you plan to be an "overnight success," I guarantee that you'll be destroyed by morning. You will not have the 'resiliency' or the 'staying power' which winners have developed by being lucky enough to fail.

Author's Bio: 

John Eric Jacobsen is a practicing hypnotherapist, consultant and motivational speaker for almost three decades. His research utilizing hypnotherapy with children and teens began when his then, four year old daughter, was dealing with some stress and anxiety issues. His hypnosis technique completely eliminated her problem without side-effects. He then began to work with other children, and the Kids in Trance Program was born.

The Kids in Trance Program is the only program of its kind effectively teaching parents how to use clinical hypnotherapy and auto-suggestion on their kids. It has helped children and teens with every issue imaginable. Issues such as: nail-biting, bed-wetting, headaches, peer pressure, weight control, thumb-sucking, fear of dentists, sports performance, test-anxiety, teeth grinding, hair pulling, nightmares, fear of the dark, habit control, shyness, asthma, potty-training, and many others.

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