Within you is the power to heal and transform any obstacle or illness, however, to do so means that one must put into question their perception and belief about not only the situation, but themselves too! Often, this is where people give up because it feels like they are going against the grain — yet, truth is your current belief of yourself and any situation may be the true force going against the grain.

Think for a moment, upon coming into this realm,

“Who were you??”

“What was your name?”

“What did you believe or not believe?’

The answer is you were and still are divine love, but when you came into this realm the slate was clean — you had no name, beliefs, identity, etc.

So, where did your identity come from you ask?

Simple, the people around you, their beliefs of you, and of course you played a role in creating it by subscribing to or not subscribing to these set beliefs of others. For example, your name was given to you by your parents and the identity was to follow by conscious suggestion for example — if your father enjoyed Sports and always took you out to play ball or rough house is the backyard odds are you developed a love of sports too.

Think for a moment, your ideas and beliefs were suggested to you first by someone else and either you were worn down to believe them as in the case of abused or battered women, for example, or you believed it because you trusted it’s source albeit a teacher, a doctor, a friend, the news, your parents, society, religious belifs … etc.

And now, I am asking that you all question these very beliefs that have been the core of your existence because you have allowed them to be. Why you wonder?

Because so many are seeking a Spiritual Awakening and for this to begin one must open to the true nature of self — everlasting love. You are SOURCE ENERGY … nothing more, nothing less.

You are constantly sending out telepathic energy waves resulting in your life, but these results are based on your conditioning and perceptions of your “reality”. So, if one has what they consider or deem a negative past the only way to create a truly solid positive present is by altering the structure of the past by shifting our perception of it from that of negative to positive.

It’s not IMPOSSIBLE! Nothing is ….

Here’s how;

Take an instance in your life you think is negative and then ask yourself — “What did I learn?”, “What was the positive that came from this?”

As I have said MANY times before there is at least 3-5 positives that come from one seemingly negative experience. Transforming your reality is work because the moment we challenge what we believe we often stop because it feels uncomfortable — push through and past that false comfort zone and into LIFE!

Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a beacon of light guiding others through words of empowerment for over a decade providing a foundation rooted in hands on experience as a professional psychic medium, spiritual and psychic counselor.