How to Know Your Moon Sign?

A Moon Sign Calculator can determine the Moon Sign by entering details of the date of birth (day/month/year), time of birth, and place of birth. The Moon transits across the zodiac signs approximately once in two and a half days. The Moon Sign Calculator determines which zodiac the Moon was placed in at the time of your birth.
In Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatra (star) in which the Moon is placed at the time of one’s birth determines the birth-star or Janma Nakshatra of an individual. The Moon occupies an important place in Vedic Astrology as it determines the state of mind. It reflects our emotions, instincts, roots, and how we react to our surroundings.
The Moon Sign Calculator plays a vital role in determining your Moon Sign.

How Rahu and Ketu Will Affect Moon Sign Leo -2020

Rahu and Ketu will transit your Moon Sign Leo, from Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. Rahu transits the 10th House from Leo that indicates actions, success, aspects of the profession, authority, societal status, and public life. Ketu transits the 4th House from Leo, which is indicative of familial aspects including mother and relatives, education, property, and comforts.

The transit period will occur on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020, till Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, and lasts for 18 months.

What Happens When Rahu Transits into the 10th House – Taurus

As Rahu transit into the 10th House Taurus, the phase will see you gain immensely on the professional, financial, and social front.

On the workfront, you are most likely to perform to your optimum and secure your position. You will see positive things happening in terms of promotion, salary hike, and transfer. If you are holding a high position in the office or are a politician, then you will see great progress on the career front.

Financially, this is a good period for you. You may see good results that may fetch material gains. The period is beneficial to you, and you will gain recognition for your past achievements. With great progress on the professional and material front, you are bound to be in an authoritative position.

The transit period may work favorably for you on all fronts.

What Happens When Ketu Transits into the 4th House- Scorpio

When Ketu transits into your 4th House – Scorpio, you can expect a sense of unease and discord on the domestic front. Be tactful and pay attention to your maternal and paternal side. Try to spend more time with relatives. Your mother will be spiritually inclined and be more involved in religious activities. Bond with her and be supportive of her needs.

The home-front may require more of your attention during this phase. Students may not get admission to institutions of their choice, and the time may not be working in their favor. There may be repair and maintenance work to be attended to at home. Be cautious, and do not make hasty investments in real estate.

There is more work required to maintain calm and stability on the domestic front. Ensure the bonding with family and relatives is better. It is better not to foray into real estate during this period. Make an effort to stay balanced and not allow the home-front to deteriorate. Your efforts will be worth it.

Remedies for Rahu Ketu Transit

You can appease Rahu and Ketu by performing the following rituals.

• Pooja (offering).
• Abishekam (hydration ceremony).
• Archana (light and sound ceremony).
• Homa (fire ritual).

The above rituals may help lessen the malefic impact of Rahu and Ketu and give you some relief.

Home Remedies for Rahu Ketu Transit

You can chant the below Mantra 108 times daily.

SimhikaaGarbhaSambhootam Tam RaahumPraNamaamyaham.

You can chant the below Mantra 108 times daily.

Palaasa Pushpa SankaashamTaarakaagrahaMastakam,
RoudramRoudraatmakamGhoram Tam KetumPraNamaamyaham.

• Practice meditation when Rahu Kalam commences.
• Donate monochrome blankets to the homeless, needy, and underprivileged.
• On Tuesdays and Saturdays, avoid consuming more salt in your food.

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A Moon Sign Calculator can determine the Moon Sign by entering details of the date of birth (day/month/year), time of birth, and place of birth.