Transition Time is an Important Part of Growing and Expanding.

Do you ever feel nuts and kind of whacky after being on a high for several days while pursuing a successful dream and endeavor? Today, 9/13/2012 has been one such day. My guides tell me that it is natural to feel out of sorts when we come to those fork in the roads of destiny. It is at such places in our life that we have the opportunity to move forward to the next phase of our soul growth and expansion. With so much oncoming change, the ego or 'little me', as I refer to our personality/human self, can feel overwhelmed or even scared at times. What to do? Keep busy. Keep writing. Take some deep breaths. Spend time in nature. Indulge a little in a vice or two is what my guides recommend. For just as Nature's weather events must run their course, so must the storms of change in our life run their course.

Just as Mother Nature can be capricious, so can our destiny and our lives. Some life cycles are more peaceful and laid back. Others can be very busy and even tumultuous and challenging. Time is one of our best friends during the ebbs and flows of the tides of life.

This was a very busy summer. My publisher hired a marketing company who created an author's program via a phone session on a weekly basis. We had lots of information given to us and homework to do. It was rewarding but time consuming. One of our assignments was to create an author website with all the many features such as blogs, capture pages, links, and so forth. We can state how much we want to create success and abundance but when it comes down to the nitty gritty hard work, often many fall short. Old fears and negative beliefs (we thought we had released long ago) can have a way of showing up. This is a good thing. We need to let them show up so we can acknowledge, accept, deal with and then release them. It is the lack of doing this which accounts for so much hesitation, procrastination and not getting things done. We may claim we want success but wonder why we feel so tired and unmotivated much of the time.

My marketing directors gave us authors a deadline to have our new webpage up. There is nothing like a deadline to kick us in the rear and get us going. So, once more I began plugging away, doing all the work I had started but never finished. When I told my webmaster about the deadline, that motivated her. She set a date, Wednesday Sept 12 as our day of launching the new site. Part of wanted to run and hide, but another part of me really wanted to get this new site up and. As I worked, old fears began popping up and bouncing about like Halloween spooks rattling bones in the closets of our psyche. Enjoying a good challenge, even while indulging in procrastination, as most of us do at times, I set forth to the task. After taking off last Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the local Oktober Fest, with all the good food, music, and there was good weather. On Monday morning I resumed my work on the site and spent all day working on it. Tuesday I did the same. Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. I was awakened and told that I still had some final work to do before meeting my web-master at 10 a.m.
The pressure was on. I could feel nervous tugs and pulls in my solar plexus.

I heard the phrase, "You are on your way. Launching this new author website is going to open lots of doors for you."

"Open lots of cans of worms is what I wanted to say."

When the anxiety strikes, sometimes the best thing to do is to just keep going. I get performer's adrenalin every time before I offer a public presentation. My webmaster and I worked pretty non-stop for six hours. Then voila, the site was posted. I could hardly wait to get home and sign onto the internet and see my new baby that had just been given birth. I was nervous driving home. "Am I worthy and ready for more success?" I found myself asking. I could see an image of my inner child feeling fear and anxiety which he does every time I undergo major changes in my life.

I was actually slightly trembling as I signed onto my computer and typed in the URL of my new author website. I pushed the buttons and there it was, the Home page, looking right out at me from the screen. It was beautiful even if I say so. The angel graphics, the blue sky and cloud background. The blue font of the words. The inspiring and profound messages. I truly felt like a parent who had given birth to new life, a new creation which was a labor of love from my soul.

I read and studied each link and page. I found a couple little typos which could be easily fixed. The next morning I woke up with this little knot in my solar plexus. Then the feeling of being out of sorts accompanied the nervous energy. "Why do I always get like this when new major changes come my way-changes that I initiated and created? Am I so afraid of my own creativity and power? Have I abused power so much in previous lives that I am subconsciously petrified of repeating such errors and that is what has kept me from really letting my light shine in its full radiant brilliance? Even if I have, that is then and this is now, I tried to console myself. We've all no doubt abused power in previous lives. The task in the present life is to awaken our fullest potential and power and use it to help heal and bring love and understanding to the world.

Writing this article made me feel a little better. The feeling of being slightly out of sorts and a little whacky is still with me, but it's not as strong. I will keep plugging away, as I encourage others to, and I do believe that the rewards will be soon forthcoming for the hard work invested in our projects. I think of a line from a poem I wrote:

The old me is dying.
The new me is being born.
You are such a gift to me-
Dawn's Kiss to the morn.

I believe that from our fears, pain and soul wounds, new life can certainly be born. We can find the light even if we feel blind and hopeless. For part of the finding the light is reaching out to the light. May the brilliant scintillating light of all of our dreams light up our soul and life, and may we glow as beloved children of God/Creator/Source. I will remember these thoughts when my inner child begins to fret and fume. I will keep on dreaming on plugging away at creating success. May we all stop to smell the roses along the way during times and processes of transition. Peace to all. Michael Dennis psychic/author/poet/singer

Author's Bio: 

Michael Dennis is a professional Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Poet and Metaphysical Author. His life purpose is to help open the doors of opportunity for personal communion and communication with God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Benevolent Star Beings, the Soul, the Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Michael has written four books:

-Halfway to Heaven
-Morning Coffee With God
-God's Many Mansions
-Dawn's Kiss

Psychic & Clairvoyant-Channel & Medium-Aura & Color Reader-Astrology & Numerology Readings-Dream Interpretation-Inner Child Exploration/Healing-Mythic & Shamanistic Journeys-Metaphysical Teacher-Poet/Singer/Author-Radio & Television Psychic.
Michael has both local and national Media Exposure.
He has been featured on FOX and CBS TV. He was featured on the Jerry Springer Show in 1991, and has appeared on numerous Radio Shows. In April 2000 he completed a six month Psychic Radio Show for MOJO 94.9 F.M. in Cincinnati. He has also been featured on WAIF 88.3 a.m. and on WSAI 1530 a.m. where he makes guest radio appearances. He was interviewed in the 2000 Millennium Edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Pittsburgh Tribune, March 2003 and the Columbus Dispatch, April 2005.
Michael Dennis was born and raised in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.
He graduated from Berea College with a Bachelor's degree in French and minors in Psychology, Voice, Spanish and German in 1980. Michael was awarded a Master of Arts in Education at Indiana University at Bloomington in 1986, and completed a Master of Arts in French Literature at the University of Cincinnati in 1992. He taught French, Spanish, and Language Arts full time in public schools for several years.
Psychology, singing, and the Humanities are his first love. He studied Psychology, World Religions, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, foreign languages, and Voice in college. For a time he aspired to sing opera. His first college summer he went to Chautauqua, New York to study opera and French, and there met and received instruction from the renowned Mentalist,
“The Amazing Kreskin” who told Michael that he was unusually sensitive and he encouraged Michael to develop his psychic abilities which he said would greatly enhance his creativity and artistic pursuits.
Over the next several years after college, Michael trained extensively and apprenticed with various Metaphysical Teachers. As Kreskin predicted, through meditation and psychic development, his creativity blossomed. In 1985, he became a professional Psychic. In 1995 he gave up a foreign language teaching career to pursue his writing dream, and Psychic work full time.
In 1992 Michael began to expand his psychic work by publicly channeling Ascended Masters, Angels, Native American Ancestors and Shamans, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and well-known beloved celebrities.