Of late, there has been an explosion in the field of biopharmaceuticals in activities ranging from development to manufacture. Although this augurs well for the industry; there are concerns, nevertheless.
These concerns relate mainly to the inadequacy of the skillsets needed for this industry. There is a widespread feeling in the industry circles that the existing or potential skillsets may not be sufficient for coping with the huge demand the industry is creating.
Need to understand the technologies
If professionals who are rooted in relatively more traditional areas seek to explore the opportunities that exist in biopharmaceuticals; they need to develop awareness of this field and become more familiar with the elements of this profession. This is the basis to making the transition to the new career in biopharmaceuticals smooth and painless.
Want to see how this can be done? Are you interested in phasing out to a career in biopharmaceuticals and assess what it takes to make a mark here? Then, a webinar being organized by MentorHealth, a popular provider of professional trainings for the healthcare industry, has the answers you are looking for. To enroll for this important learning, just log on to http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800842LIVE/.
The speaker at this session is Prof. Patrick Crowley, who has played significant technical and management roles in the development to commercialization of over 20 novel medicinal products and Product Line Extensions during a 38-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds many patents for a number of dosage form design and drug delivery inventions.
Like and unlike
At this webinar, Prof. Crowley will elucidate the areas in which there are similarities and dissimilarities between the traditional areas and biopharmaceuticals. While the basic principles of dosage form design, manufacture and material and product control and analysis are fundamentally the same as for conventional small molecules; there are differences between the techniques, processes and associated technologies.
These and other areas of significance will be highlighted at this webinar. Prof. Crowley will cover the following areas at this session:
o Historical Background to Medicinal Agents
o Properties of Biopharm Drugs
o Formulation of Biopharmaceutical Products
o Analytical Methods
o Stability and Quality Assurance/Retention
o Manufacture (material and Dosage Form)
o Control/Assurance of Quality
o Administration (Delivery)

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